Top 15 Must-Have Market 99 Home Décor Accessories

Top 15 Must-Have Market 99 Home Décor Accessories - MARKET 99

A home should represent the people living in it; their taste, style, and their outlook.

Decorating a space is not an easy task. It takes a lot of precision, detailing and hard work to turn a house into a home.

If you are looking for home décor accessories, then you are at the right place. Market99 is known for its unique and excellent home décor accessories. But, there are thousands of options available on Market 99. Choosing between these options is also a difficult task.

Here is the detailed information of Top Home Décor Accessories.

  6. VASE

Well, you don’t have to worry about that now, as we have compiled a list of home décor accessories that will surely leave a great impression on anyone.

Wishing Bottle

Wishing Bottle, Home Décor, Glass, Ship inside a bottle, Glass bottle

Inspired by western designs, this beautiful wishing bottlewill elevate the style sense of any space with its beautiful and elegant look. The bottle is transparent and has an eye-catching boat on the inside.

Place it on any desk, countertop, coffee table, or side table. It will surely grab a lot of eyeballs for its unique look.

Decorative Pebbles

Multicolour Decorative Pebbles

Decorative pebbles are one of the most versatile home décor accessories. They are beautiful and eye-catching yet give you complete creative freedom. 

You can use these aesthetically pleasing pebbles to decorate almost anything in your home. They are perfect for decorating tables, aquariums, and even your garden.

Table Lamp

Decorative Table Lamp, Study Lamp, Night stand lamp

Everyone needs a beautiful lamp to light up a room perfectly.  Market 99 has a collection of the most beautiful table lamps. Each one of them is designed by professionals.

This lamp is perfect if you want a warm and sophisticated ambience in your home. It will perfectly complement your contemporary home décor with its modern design and elegant look.

LED Table Décor

LED Table Decor

Do tables at your home look out of touch and boring? If yes, then you need this aesthetically pleasing LED table decor. It will add a unique sense of style to your boring coffee tables and desks.

It has a unique design and a blend of eye-catching colours. This table décor is a must-have for everyone who wants a chic and stylish addition to their homes. 

Decorative Lantern

Decorative Lantern for Diwali and festivals

This decorative lantern is one of a kind. It is perfect for every occasion. It has a classy and exquisite design that will elevate the grandness of any room. 

It is a perfect mix between modern style and traditional aesthetics. This table lamp is perfect for every room and every corner.


Ceramic Vase with flower bow

Show off your favourite choice of flowers with style and poise. The vase is a fine example of expert craftsmanship and modern design. This vase will add a vibrant touch to any space. 

Get this vase if you want something out of the ordinary and stylish yet classy.  

Glass T-light Holder

Glass T-light Holder

Whether it is special or regular, this glass T-light holder will add its charming touch to any occasion. Its beautiful design and strong build is a perfect example of Market 99's promise of excellent quality. 

This T-light holder is perfect for festivals like Diwali, Eid, Christmas, and New Year. It will perfectly complement your modern home décor. 

Cinematic Lightbox 

Cinematic Lightbox

Get a home décor accessory that will give you a new and fresh outlook every day. This cinematic lightbox allows you to be more creative. 

Spell out almost anything with 90+ alphabets and special characters. This cinematic lightbox gives you the perfect way to wish someone a happy birthday. It is a perfect home décor piece that will easily grab the attention of guests and visitors. 

Wind Chimes

Wind Chimes

Surround yourself with the melodious sound of this beautiful wind chimes. In addition to providing a soothing sound, this wind chime is also a beautiful home décor accessory.

Wall Plaque 

White Family Wall Plaque

While decorating your dream home with the best home décor accessories, do not forget about your beautiful walls. This wall plaque will add a unique sense of style to your elegant walls.

It is specially designed to complement any wall of any size. Its unique design and the mix of vibrant colours make it a perfect home décor accessory. 

Artificial Flower Plant 

Artificial Flower Plant with Sack Bag

Bring the beauty and energy of eye-catching flowers to your desk or table with this beautiful artificial flower plant. It is a must for every home due to its unique jute sack bag and strong plastic body. 

This aesthetically pleasing artificial flower plant will bloom every season. It is lifelike and very close to an original one. The sack bag adds a lot more charm to the entire assemble.

Hand Made Oil Painting

Handmade Oil painting

Give your home an artistic outlook with this fascinating handmade oil painting. It features unique and rich brushstrokes. It eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing,

It is hand-painted by professional artists. It is a unique and surely valuable home décor accessory. 

Decorative Bottle

Decorative Bottle for kitchen

This decorative bottle is specifically designed to elevate the style quotient of any kitchen décor. Its unique design and vibrant colours help it stand among many home décor accessories available online.

It will look great on the kitchen countertop or dining table. It is solely manufactured for the purpose of a unique and beautiful home décor accessory. 

Wall Décor 

Wall Plaque Wood Plaque

This aesthetically pleasing wall décor is an eye-catching and elegant home décor accessory.  It will add a touch of elegance and class to any wall in your home. 

Artificial Plant 

Artificial Plant with White pot

Add some colours of nature without the hassle of maintaining a plant with this vibrant artificial plant. It looks exactly like a real one. 

Made with durable plastic and designed by professionals, this artificial plant is a perfect choice for perfect home décor.

We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by Market 99 editors.


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