Top 10 Market 99 Gifts Your Loved Ones Will Surely Appreciate

Top 10 Market 99 Gifts Your Loved Ones Will Surely Appreciate - MARKET 99

Gifting is an age-old tradition that showcases love, respect and affection towards your loved ones. People put a lot of time and thought into choosing a gift for someone they care about.

It is not an easy task, as a gift represents our admiration, which can not be contained or valued on the basis of a physical object. Although, people do their best to choose the best gift possible. 

Market99 has been providing the best gifting solutions to people for many years. With a variety of products at affordable prices, as we know, one can not value respect and admiration in terms of monetary expanse. 

To make the complicated and time taking process of choosing a gift easy for you, we have compiled a list of top 10 gifts that your loved ones will definitely appreciate.

VON CASA Metal T-light Holder

VON CASA Metal T-light Holder

This charming VON CASA Metal T-light Holder is a beautiful art decor piece that will surely bring festive vibes to every occasion. It is a perfect gift for Diwali, Christmas, and Eid.

It has beautiful glass votives and an eye-pleasing design. It has that exquisite look and eye-catching design, which makes it a fine choice for gifting.

VON CASA Lantern


This lantern has all the quality of a perfect gift. The astonishing design, exquisite look, and eye-catching colours, all these features make this lantern an ideal gifting choice. 

This beautiful lantern has a royal look that will catch everyone’s attention. Apart from that, its strong and durable construction makes it last longer.

Alphabet Light

Alphabet Light

Gift an example of your unique and exclusive taste with this beautiful alphabet light. It is perfect for decorating any room. It is an ideal gift choice for anyone. 

This alphabet light has an elegant white colour and a beautiful design crafted by experts. It is an amalgamation between beauty and modern aesthetics. You can give this one as per the first letter receiver’s name. They will feel special and honoured to have this customised amazing alphabet light.

Wall Sconce Ring with Mirror T-light Holder

Wall Sconce With Mirror T-light Holder

If you want to go the extra mile to give your loved ones something that will beautify their life, then this wall sconce ring with mirror T-light holder is perfect for you. It is specifically designed for special occasions or a regular occasion that feels special.  

It is a T-light holder with a mirror attached to it for enhanced brightness. It is a perfect example of unique design and high-end quality.

Hourglass/Sand Timer

Hourglass & Sand Timer

This hourglass aka, sand timer is a perfect piece of home decor that you can gift to anyone. It is fascinating and stylish. It has an eye-catching and funky design.

Gift this charming hourglass to your close ones to showcase how much importance they hold in your life. It is a perfect gift for every occasion. It has a seamless glass body and wooden holder, which gives it a classy yet voguish look.

Decorative Boat

Decorative Boat 

This decorative boat is something you can gift your friends. It will represent the good times you have spent together and the memories you created along the way.

It is a decorative piece that will add a classy and elegant look to any desk, table, or countertop. It has high-quality MDF construction and a design, unique in many ways. It is quite compact and sturdy, perfect for every occasion.

Cinematic Lightbox


Gift something that can give you an opportunity to show your unbound admiration and respect towards your close ones in forms, words and symbols. 

With over 90+ alphabets and symbols, this cinematic lightbox is one of the most creative gifting options. You can create birthday wishes or wishes for special moments. Imagine a loved one unwrapping the gift and finding a heartfelt wish. It will surely make this gift more sentimental and blessed.

VON CASA Decorative Bulb 

VON CASa Decorative Bulb

This decorative bulb is an eye-pleasing and attractive gift. It features a unique design and vibrant colour that will instantly bring a smile to the receiver’s face. 

It is suitable for gifting during festivals, birthdays, and other special occasions. It will add a unique sense of style to any desk, table or countertop with its eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing design.

LED T-light Candles 

T-light candles

This LED T-light candle set is a Diwali specific gift. Gift it along with some delicious sweets to mark the auspicious day of lights and joy. 

It has an eye-pleasing white colour that somehow increases its brightness and elegance. It is long-lasting and remains lit up for hours.

Electric Aroma Oil Burner

Electric Aroma Oil Burner, Essential Oil Diffuser

Gift a package of good health and serenity to your loved ones with this aesthetically pleasing electric aroma oil burner. It will give your loved ones more reasons to be healthy.

It is perfect for elevating the effects of meditation and yoga. This electric aroma oil burner is an essential oil diffuser that will provide your loved ones with the beneficial effects of aromatherapy.

Each of these gifting options is handpicked according to the latest trends and customer reviews. Market99 prides itself in providing the most high-end gifting options. Check out Gift & Decor for more recommendations.


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