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This category is a perfect for those who enjoy shopping and saving equally. It includes tonnes of distinctive products from different selections, all of them crafted with elegance. Shop from a range of distinctive and high-quality goods for under 299, including kitchen and dining items and home decor. This great category is a complete mix of various things from all other kinds of categories, making it an affordable option to purchase for anything. The items in this category are exclusive, just like those in every other category. This amazing category includes everything. It's a comprehensive assortment with something for everyone, from the kitchen to kids, it has it all.

Reliable and affordable products

Staying under bugdet just got easier, with Market99’s under 299 category that offers a wide range of products from stationery to bathroom essentials.

Following is a list of every item that falls under the "under 299" category:

Stationery: With a well-made, razor-sharp pair of scissors, cut through anything. This selection also includes a rubiks cube set to assess the mental acumen for fun. With a lovely and wonderful sequin notebook, regular studies can be given a dash of fun it also changes colours and allows kids, teens, and adults alike to express themselves creatively. Other products in this category include decorative ball pens, pen pot, decorative mirror, sticker packs and pen holder.

Home Decor and Gifting: One of the most unique selection in this category is decor and gifting. It includes reliable products crafted and designed by experts; ceramic planter, decorative storage boxes, scented candles, tea light holders, votive candle holders, hanging tea-light holder, funky hair band, eye masks, and plushie toys, all under 299.

Organisation- Get one-of-a-kind organisation items under a budget. This amazing selection includes plastic organising baskets to help de-clutter the space, without it being heavy on the pocket. Premium wooden, metal and plastic cloth hangers for Towels, shirts, kurtas, skirts, lehengas, and other items. Each hanger is extremely solid and long-lasting, built to support even the heaviest garments. Other items in the selection include; jute bag, microfiber duster, multipurpose storage basket, cleaning brushes, cloth clips set, sewing accessories, plastic dustbin, storage tin box, jewelry trinket tray and a 10 piece cable organiser.

Kitchen Essentials: Getting premium quality kitchen essentials at under 299 is made possible by Market99. This selection offers a wide variety of products like; saucepan, water bottle, salt and pepper set, napkin holder, cork opener, glass jars with airtight lid, ceramic mugs, kids plates, melamine tableware, tadka pan, bottle cleaning brush, ice tray, spatula, anti-skid mats, plastic strainers, ice cream scooper, plastic oil brush, fruit and vegetable strainer, glass bowls, silicone pinch grip mitts, measuring spoon and funnel set, fruit fork set, and a grater with storage compartment.

Bathroom Essentials and Self Care: This selection includes a modern toothbrush holder that is perfect for any contemporary bathroom, a soap dispenser for a touchless and seamless experience while washing hands. A hand mirror to use when applying makeup, shaving, or performing other similar activities, PVC floor mat, toilet brush with holder, toothpaste dispenser, face wash, face scrub, perfumes, body wash, plastic spray bottle and a shampoo massage brush.

Multipurpose products in an affordable rate

This selections aims at providing the best shopping experience, alike the rest of the categories.

Following is a list of frequently asked questions to assist buyers during a purchase:

Q: What are the types of Products available Under ₹299?
- This category offers exclusive and premium quality products under a budget, from home organising products to wall decor, we’ve got your back. You can check the different product types on Market99 website.

Q: What all products can I purchase under 299?
- All products under this category with a “Buy now” option are purchasable and “Out of Stock” aren’t.

Q: Why Choose Market99?
- Market99 is an Indian brand offering Quality products that are durable and Budget friendly at the same time.

Q: What all locations Do you Deliver To?
- We, at Market99 ship all across the nation, for more information you can check the delivery tool.

Q: Do you Offer Free Shipping?
Yes, Free Shipping Across India is available, excluding the following:
- PREPAID: Shipping charges of ₹49 will be applicable on orders of ₹149 & below.
- COD: For COD orders of ₹799 & below, delivery charges will be applicable of ₹49.

Q: How long would it take for me to received my Order?
- We offer express shipment on all orders. Once you place an order with us, we ship it within 3-10 working days and receipt of payment is also provided to you.