7 Top Market 99 Stunning Lamps Under ₹1599 For A Modern Style Home Décor

Who doesn’t love decorating their home in a modern style décor. But, our budget often gets in the middle of getting the perfect home décor. Take table lamps as an example. They are so beautiful, but costs like an arm and a leg. 

Well, don’t let your budget get in the way of getting what you want. When you shop at Market 99, your budget should be the least of your worries. After all, it’s a price-oriented online store.

Choose from a wide range of beautiful lamps to elevate the style quotient of your home. Here we have compiled a list of the most stunning Market 99 Lamps to decorate any space without emptying your pockets. 

A metal lamp for a vintage feel

Pink Lamp

If you want to go for a vintage feel, then you should definitely go for this metal lamp in elegant pink colour. It has that vintage look that will go perfectly with any modern home décor. 

It is easy to assemble and will provide perfect lighting in your home. The excellent quality metal construction makes it more durable and enduring than any other online available options.

VON CASA oval-shaped table lamp for every space

Oval Shaped Green Lamp

This modern style home décor piece is a perfect example of sheer beauty and elegance. It will definitely enhance the overall look of any side table or nightstand. 

It has an amazing vibrant colour and an attractive bell shape. It is very easy to assemble and even easier to maintain. It has that exclusive and attractive look that everyone wants in table lamps, yet it is one of the affordable table lamps.

A unique golden lamp for unique décor 

Golden Lamp

If you strive for uniqueness and something out of ordinary within your budget, then this astonishing table lamp is just the right choice for you. Featuring an eye-catching gold finish and an embossed design. It will instantly grab the attention of your guests and visitors. 

It has that expensive look that you won’t find in any lamp in your budget. It is certainly a fine example of great design and high quality.

Decorative lamp for festive feels

Decorative Lamp

Sometimes an ordinary lamp doesn’t seem right for a special occasion. Generic lamps do not have that vibe of festivity. That is where this amazing decorative lamp takes the cake. 

This decorative lamp is beautiful and eye-catching. It will look great on any table in your home. It is perfect for regular as well as special occasions like Diwali, Eid, and Christmas.

Lantern lamp for a royal look

Lantern Lamp

Go for a royal look in your home with a classy looking lantern lamp. It has a metal finish and a unique design. The best thing about this lamp is that it is battery operated. So no more of those mess of tangled wires and worrying about finding a vacant power outlet.

This lantern lamp is perfect for placing almost anywhere in any space. You can also hang it on a hook, ceiling, and trees for a classy aesthetic.

Black study lamp for better focus

Black Metal Study Lamp

If you want to have a lamp that can help you focus, then this lamp is a perfect choice. It has a soft and sophisticated light that will create a warm and comfortable ambience. 

This study lamp will also add a modern touch of style to your study table with its unique look. With a ton of amazing features, this table lamp is a must-have.

A modern Style Lamp for modern décor 

Modern Style Ceramic Lamp

Get this modern style lamp to give your home that contemporary look you always wanted. It will give your living room or bedroom a sophisticated and voguish look, that too under your budget. 

This lamp is an excellent ceramic construction that makes it durable and enduring. It is available in many different shapes and colours. Choose according to your taste and style.

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Each of these lamps is available in the home decor section of Market99. You can also check other similar table lamps. Each one of these lamps listed above is carefully chosen, keeping customer behaviour and the latest trends in mind. 

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