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An organised space to live in not only creates a soothing ambiance but also helps in reducing stress. Every thing in the house is given a designated place, be it for functionality or just aesthetics. Home accessories help in organising all the knick knacks and items lying in the house. From cloth hangers or storage tin boxes, this category offers a plethora of products to choose from.

Products to keep the space clutter free

All the products in this category are crafted with functionality and elegance in mind. Following is a list of products available in the category:

Organisational tools- Present and organise everything in the house with elegance with the products in this selection. This gorgeous selection includes; Refillable Tissue box, Storage tin box, plastic hand basket for shopping, Trinket box, Pill box, Elephant shaped plastic box, Weekly medicine pill box, Canvas Laundry basket, Makeup organizer, Cloth clips, Cloth Clip Basket set, Pen pot holder, 2 tier storage rack, Multipurpose kitchen storage, 4 Grid Qtip holder, Bathroom Makeup organiser and, Napkin paper Dispenser with storage organiser.

Hangers- Add a dash of elegance and utility to any wardrobe with the variety of hangers in this selection. It has room for every garment that has to go in the almirah in an organised way. The Heavy Duty plastic hangers are ideal to stor casuals and daily wear. Owing to their extremely slim shape, they are ideal for all types of wardrobes or almirahs. Other different kind of hangers include, Wooden hangers, Scarf hangers, Velvet hangers and Cloth hanger with pegs.

Wall decor and organisation- There are great items in this selection like Wall mounted Shelf, Kitchen storage rack, and Pocket Wall Organisers. Utilize wonderful wall organisers to organise and decorate the walls, all at the same time. They have a beautiful, simplistic style that is ideal for wall decor. Self adhesive hooks and Invisible Squirrel hooks are also available which offers a tidy and secure place to store and hang items like jackets, hats, and umbrellas. These hooks are sturdy, trustworthy, solid, and made of premium quality plastic. One of the best selling product in this selection is the decorative Wall mirror set. With this three-piece decorative wall mirror set, any modern décor will gain a dash of flare and appeal.

Other products- Like all other categories at Market99, this too has multipurpose and functional products at an affordable rate. Other products in this amazing selection include; Table lamp, Multipurpose Laptop Table, Sewing Accessories set, Travel Pillow with neck support and a Tri stool.

Aesthetic and organised home, at a budget with Market99

All products in this category have been crafted by professionals to give the best shopping experience to Market99 customers. Above given list was specific to every selection, so here’s a list of frequently asked questions to assist customers make a sounch decision while purchasing:

Q: What are the types of Products available in the Home Accessories category?
- This category offers premium quality products under a budget. You can check the different product types on Market99 website.

Q: What all products I can purchase in the Home Accessories category?
- All products under this category with a “Buy now” option are purchasable and “Out of Stock” aren’t.

Q: Why Choose Market99?
- Market99 is an Indian brand offering Quality products that are durable and Budget friendly at the same time.

Q: What all locations Do you Deliver To?
- We, at Market99 ship all across the nation, for more information you can check the delivery tool.

Q: Do you Offer Free Shipping?
- Yes, Free Shipping Across India is available, excluding the following:
  • PREPAID: Shipping charges of ₹49 will be applicable on orders of ₹149 & below.
  • COD: For COD orders of ₹799 & below, delivery charges will be applicable of ₹49.
Q: How long would it take for me to received my Order?
- We offer express shipment on all orders. Once you place an order with us, we ship it within 3-10 working days and receipt of payment is also provided to you.