Some Amazing Vase Filler Ideas

Some Amazing Vase Filler Ideas - MARKET 99

When you want a quick addition of something sophisticated and classy, a vase is the perfect décor piece for that. 

They are elegant, classy, sophisticated, and everything else that a modern décor piece should be in order to give any home an added touch of style. 

To decorate your home, you surely need a beautiful vase, also some unique and amazing styling ideas. You can find so many different types of beautiful vases on, and don’t worry because we got vase filler ideas as well to elevate their beauty and style quotient. 


Flower vase

Let's start with something classic. Decorating vases with flowers is an old tradition, but every now and then, someone comes with a unique combination of flowers that leaves quite an impression. 

Well, that is what you need to try to achieve. Mix and match with elegant and colourful flowers in order to bring out the beauty of your gorgeous vase. If you want something artistic and unique, you can add some elegant looking branches to bring an earthy and eccentric look. 

Marbles & Glass Pebbles 

Vase with pebbles

When it comes to decorating transparent or semi-transparent glass vases, you need something that can perfectly blend with the overall look of the vase. 

For that, some decorative marbles and glass pebbles will be a great option for you. They can be a perfect filler for your vase, as they can make your glass vases even more modish and stylish. 

Textured Fabrics

This one may seem new to you, but it is not an alien idea for the world of home décor. In order to make anything a little bit more sophisticated and elegant, decorators have been using textured fabrics. They are easy to use and provide the perfect touch of something suaver yet eccentric.

Use textured fabrics to bring out more colours and styles in your living room. Use fabrics that are either shiny or the ones that have a unique design and texture. You can also use ribbons and bows for some fun decorations. 

Colourful Balls


This one may seem a little bit more eccentric and risky, but it surely can be a unique and worthy decorative style. By adding some colourful balls, you can add a perfect punch of colours and fun style to a vase

You can use all kinds of balls, but make sure they have a vibrant colour, and some quirky textures can be a cherry on the top. 

Sand & Sea Shells 


Another filler that is very popular among home decorators, sand and seashells are perfect for bringing that unique nautical vibe to your living room. This one is not new, as people have been using it for a long time. 

Add some uniquely textured sand & elegant seashells to give your vase a nautical and elegant look. It will go along with any kind of vase with a lighter and sophisticated colour and design. 

Balls & Spools of Threads, Yarn, & Twine 


This one is for people who can’t get enough of boho-chic styles. It is an affordable yet trendy décor style that is the perfect combination of quirky and sophistication. Add some balls and spools of threads, yarn, and twine to the vase to give your living room a boho-chic look. 


Vases are already a beautiful piece of décor, but they can always use some extra touch of style and elegance. Find the perfect vase to style it the way you want only at Market 99. 


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