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We can imagine flowers as a dining table centrepiece. But we don't just collect flowers and put them in vases; we think creatively about it. When we eat, the atmosphere and aura of the place are just as important to us as the meal itself which might also impact our appetite. Our dining experience would be greatly impacted by even the setup and placement of the table.

So today we're going to demonstrate several ways you can use floral arrangements as dining table centrepieces. This list is for you if you too love floral arrangements in home décor.

Read along to find useful and chic ways to arrange flowers in your house, especially for your dining table.

Some tips before decorating your floral centrepiece: 

  1. You can use floral foam to keep your flowers in place and ensure that shorter blooms receive adequate watering. Remove any leaves that might land below the waterline.
  2. When arranging, start with the larger, heavier blooms and fill in with the lighter, airier flowers and foliage. When complete, your bouquet should be 1.5 times as tall as its container, with the breadth balancing the height.
  3. Cut off access stem at least an inch shorter to make them bloom longer.

Different ways to arrange flowers for your dining table:

  1. A stunning bouquet of white hydrangeas and light pink roses with a delicate pink tinge on the very tips of the petals. You may place it in a little square glass container with floral foam and a collection of white and pink flowers.
  2. Take a small inch or two of crystals and cover the bottom of a tall glass vase. Then grab a bunch of exquisite branches, tuck them into the crystals and add small lights if required to finish the look. 
  3. An elegant large arrangement of lilies and irises in a ridged glass vase is a summery complement to any table and brings a splash of colour to the space along with a pleasant aroma. Using fresh flowers from your yard is a terrific way to spark conversation.
  4. A delicate and lovely arrangement of white and lavender roses with greenery. On each of the bouquet's four edges as well as in the middle, tall pillar candles are placed in metallic candle holders.
  5. A crystal vase topped with an eclectic bouquet of stunning pastel-hued large-bloom flowers is always a classic.
  6. Beautiful yellow roses in a large glass vase make up the flower centrepiece. The flowers form a tidy dome of petals as they lay on the vase's rim. You can choose to place tiny votive candles all around the vase.
  7. A beautifully arranged autumn centrepiece of daisies and holly berries in a hollowed-out gourd vase. Sheaves of wheat are also included in the bouquet, matching the tone of a minimal and subtle house.
  8. If you’re going for a more rustic look, you can place flowers in a repurposed tin bucket for the centrepiece. Roses and other huge white, pink, purple, and salmon-coloured blooms can be put together. 
  9. Large white roses, lavender stalks, and vivid purple blooms are arranged in a lovely white ceramic vase.
  10. Knot dried lavender stalks into a bouquet that was placed inside a tall glass vase. The nicest part is that they will remain much longer than fresh and are fragrant and lovely.
  11. For the centrepiece of an outdoor dining table, a tall cylindrical vase filled with tall gladiolas in the colours white, pink, and red works perfectly.



These are all just ideas for your floral arrangement, you can choose any of them or even mix and match as per your convenience. You can find an amazing collection of flower vases at Market99 for all kinds of looks, be it rustic or chic. 

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