Home Decor Trends You Need To Keep An Eye On In 2023

For the past few years, and ever since the pandemic, trends in home decor have seen quite a shift. As we spent another year creating our entire world in our home (one awful variant after another), home decor became a hobby and passion for many of us.

2021 was a year where practicality and natural tones dominated the home decor trends in our efforts to bring the outsides into our homes. This year is going to be no different, although there will be a difference, as we transition towards a new post-pandemic world.

Many expert interior designers have their own two cents to give on what will change and be prominent in home decor trends. So if you are thinking about giving your “home sweet home” a makeover in 2022, you are at the right place for suggestions and recommendations.

Embrace The Rules Of Biophilic Architecture

Two years since the entire world went inside their home, the search for nature within the walls of our homes continues. However, as we are already two months into 2022 and uncertain how the COVID situation will be in 2022, people are yet to leave the safety and comfort of their homes behind.

Similar to the past year, this year will also be about bringing nature indoors. From natural lighting to indoor plants, people will tend to work around a natural theme. Biophilic architecture is about using nature and natural lighting to make a space more breathable.

Creating biophilic architecture isn’t as easy as it seems. You can’t just throw over some plants and call it that. Apart from the luscious green plants, you need to incorporate natural lighting for a complete look. You can also go for some handmade pottery for an earthy look. 

Go Bold With Patterns & Tones

This year, from hues of brown to dark tones and textures, you need to be bolder with your colour choices. In addition, many home decor enthusiasts are going for a retro theme in their interior designs. The 70s are back, and nostalgia has taken over not just art and entertainment but home and living as well.

2021 was about neutral tones and colour pallets, but this year, it is going to be more about going bold with your colour choice, while we will put neutral colour pallets to rest. So while brown will be the kitchen and dining room colour, green will be prominent in the bedroom.

Carry On The Traditions

In-home decor traditions have played a significant role, and in 2022, traditional home decor rules and ideas will be more critical than ever. From vintage finds to heritage furnishing, people will find comfort in timeless beautifications.

As the pandemic changed everything around us, we will reminisce about the good old times by adding a touch of traditional designs and colours. Nostalgia is a huge trend right now. From movies to music, it is all mixing traditions with new age technology. Well, interiors in 2022 will also get inspired by this. 

Prioritise Comfort & Practicality

While designing and redesigning homes, aesthetics always take the front seat while everything else sits in the back. However, this will change this year, and people will be drawn towards more comfort and practicality in every space in their homes. But, again, we have spent a lot of time in our home, which has become a habit that won’t vanish anytime soon. So, in order to keep your indoors comfortable, practicality will be the critical factor in designing your homes.

Optimise space and bring out a more organised and comforting living area while maintaining a wonderful aesthetic. Apart from using technology and furniture to magnify comfort and practicality, your design should also reflect comfort in some ways.


So put on your designing hats, and hop on to Market99 for some fantastic home decor products to keep your home always trendy and stylish. Do let us know what more you are expecting this year in terms of designing and home decor.

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