Market99 Back To School Collection

Finally, the time has come, which every kid has been waiting for a long time. The online classes are about to end, and it is time to go back to school. No one ever imagined that a day would come where kids will be excited to go back to school. 

Well, things are going to be a lot more exciting with the latest Market 99 Back To School Collection. Specially curated to make learning and studies more fun and joyful, this latest collection has everything a kid needs on the first day back at school. 

So, without further ado, here are some amazing products you will find in the latest Market99 back to school collection.

Lunch Boxes

Kids won’t be able to wait till recess to open these amazing lunch boxes. Available in amazing designs and different types, these lunch boxes are specially designed to make recess more fun and exciting. 

Available fun shapes and designs, you can choose from fun looking Frog bento lunch boxes to lunchbox and water bottle combos. Each lunch box is made with premium food-grade plastic while keeping the health and well being of every kid in mind. 

Pencil Boxes

Pencil boxes are a must to prevent losing your pen, pencils, and erasers. In the latest back to school collection of Market 99, you can choose from a huge collection of fun and amazingly designed pencil boxes. 

Market 99's amazing collection includes fun designs and shapes for children of all ages. You can choose from a lot of marvellous pencils boxes to store everyday stationery items. 

Kids Water Bottles

Another necessity that every kid needs to have in the backpack is an amazing water bottle. The latest Market 99’s back to school collection includes some fun and wonderful water bottles that are specially designed for kids. 

From regular water bottles to fun and cute kids sippers, now you can choose from multiple options. Each water bottle for school is specially designed for kids of all ages. They are leakproof, durable, and enduring. 

Notebook Set

A must for studying, notebooks don’t have to be boring. The latest back to school collection of Market 99 includes fun and amazing notebooks, notepads, and diaries. You can add a fun touch to boring studies with a specially designed notebook. 

Each notebook has premium quality bright and smoother papers that elevates the beauty and sharpness of every kid’s handwriting. These notebook sets are available at a great discount. 

Colour Pens

Colours are a must for fun and joyful learning. Get these fun and premium colour pens at a huge discount. Exclusively available in the latest back to school collection of Market 99. 

It is a complete set of multiple colourful pens. Each pen is of a different colour to fill boring studies with fun and vibrant colours. 

DOMS Pencil Set

In order to study, you need to write and to write you need pencils. Well, these are not any pencils but are from everyone's favourite stationery DOMS. It is a complete set of 5 pencil packs. Along with each pencil pack, you will receive a free sharpener and eraser. 


With these many great stationery items and school supplies, do not forget about the most important one, a mask. All these amazing items are exclusively available in the stationary section of

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