5 Market 99 Essential Products For Online Classes

It has been more than a year since students across the world started taking online classes from the comfort of their home. It was a new and unique experience for everyone. 

With time, people found a new and efficient way to study. Keeping the current scenario in mind, battling one wave after another. Online school or colleges are far from being over. So why not finally embrace this tradition, and make it an efficient and useful experience.

You can add a little more convenience to your daily online classes with the perfect stationery collection from Market 99. It has tons of new and trendy stationery items that will make your online classes more convenient and engaging. So here is the complete list of 5 Market 99 products for online classes you should definitely have.

Colourful and Fun Pen Pot & Pen Holders

Pen Holder and Pen Pot

We are starting the list with the most eye-catching and fun stationery of all, the pen pot or pen holder. It is the most colourful pen you may have ever seen. It will definitely add some elements to the desk with its unique animal shape and design. 

Apart from attractive and eye-catching, this pen pot or pen holder is also very efficient and valuable to your online studies. It makes pens, pencils and other stationery items more accessible. It is a must-have for people who keep losing their stationery even at home. 

Stylish Notebook & Notepads


You can not study without a notebook, where else you are supposed to take notes and solve math problems. That doesn’t mean that you can not add a little fun to your studies with something extra. Why not get a fun and playful sequin notebook to make your studies less boring. 

You can also go for a beautiful and eye-catching printed notebook for a studying experience. Each of these notebooks features bright white papers and enduring hardcover. They are very durable and long-lasting. So you can focus on your studies without worrying about anything else. 

Adorable Pens for elegant handwriting 

Multicolour Pens

For an adorable pen holder, you need even more adorable pens. That is why you should definitely go for these adorable and stylish pen sets. Pens are a necessity for studying. That doesn’t mean they can not be a style statement.

Made with the latest technology and excellent quality materials, this ball pen is a must for your online classes. It will give you that beautiful and elegant handwriting you always wanted. 

Colouring books for kids

Colouring Books

As kids are prohibited to go outdoors, their world imagination has surely been affected by a boring and redundant cycle of online studies and staying at home. TV and mobile games are not a great source of fun and entertainment. 

Get this fun colouring book to fill some colours to your kids everyday quarantine routine. So, when they are not doing their homework, they can do something more fun yet equally brain-stimulating. This colouring book has many pages of entertaining and challenging drawing that needs a splash of colour. 

Stylish pencil box for better accessibility 

Pencil Box & Geometry Box

While talking about making stationeries more accessible and easy to store, we surely can not forget about pencil boxes or geometry boxes. They have always been essential for both online as well as offline classes. 

Get this stylish and cool pencil box and add more convenience and style to your online classes. You can store anything without losing your stationeries. This pencil box is perfect for everything like crayons, erasers, sharpeners, rulers, dividers, and needless to say, pens & pencils.

As we hope for things to get better with time, we can’t stop doing things we always loved or required. Studies are an important part of any kid's life. Make the most out of these unfortunate times, and study with dedication and focus. All the mentioned items are available in the Stationery section of the Market 99 online store. Be healthy and stay safe. 

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