7 Decorative Items That Will Elevate The Style Quotient Of Your Living Room

7 Decorative Items That Will Elevate The Style Quotient Of Your Living Room - MARKET 99

As Diwali is just around the corner, you are already late for the decoration. There is so much to do things like shopping, cleaning, renovation, and many other important things that need your attention. 

Well, do not panic, as we have come with some amazing options for you to raise the style quotient of your home. We have selected some of the most amazing and contemporary style decorative pieces for your home. 

So, this Diwali, up to your style game with these beautiful and affordable decorative items. 

Reed Diffuser Set

Surround yourself in the soothing aromas of this marvellous reed diffuser set. It has an enchanting smell and a beautiful design. It will now look great but will make you feel great as well. 

This reed diffuser is a charming décor piece that will look great on your coffee table and shelf. It is available in other vibrant and classy colour combinations. 

String Lights

Another beautiful addition to this amazing list, these charming string lights will be the perfect decoration for your home. It has multiple ball lights, each made of the highest quality material under expert supervision. 

These string lights are perfect for giving your home a festive vibe. They make it easy for you to decorate every space with the charming essence of festivals. 

T-light Holder with Gold Leaf Pattern

Give any space a grand and exquisite look with this breathtakingly beautiful T-light holder. It has a charming and carefully designed gold leaf pattern that elevates its beauty. 

This amazing T-light holder will be perfect for decorating your home during Diwali or any other special or not so special occasion. It will add a beautiful charm of its own beauty and style. 

Hammered Golden Vase

The next decorative item on this list is surely one of a kind. This marvellously crafted golden vase will magnify the grandeur and charm of your living room. 

With hammered golden finishing, it will clearly stand out among any other decorative items in your home. Compliment it with some colourful and vibrant flowers and shrubs, and it is ready to serve a unique style statement. 

Candle Holder with Potpourri Bowl 

Being a combination of two decorative items, this will elevate the style quotient of any space. It is amazingly designed with creative thinking. 

Decorate with the beautiful and enchanting essence of potpourris and the charming brightness of candles. These amazing decorative pieces will be a classy addition to your interiors. 

Pineapple Décor Piece

Crafted with precise detailing, this stylish and extraordinary décor piece will add a unique charm to your living room. It will create unique style statements with its amazing design. 

It has a precisely designed pineapple shape with a hollow inside. You can also use it as a jar and container for various types of things like chocolates, sweets, coffee beans, candies etc. 

Decorative Metal Mesh Cloche

Ending the list with a creatively designed and manufactured decorative piece, this beautiful metal mesh cloche will be the perfect decorative piece for your home on this Diwali. 

It is amazingly designed to compliment any traditional or contemporary style décor.


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