Here is Your Guide To Be Monsoon Ready

Here is Your Guide To Be Monsoon Ready

The very first drizzle signals a beautiful season of monsoon. Well, this beautiful season can become quite a hassle if you're not prepared enough.

Apart from the beautiful weather and pleasant temperature, the monsoon also brings many discomforts and hassles. Many things suffer in this beautiful weather, and many everyday chores become a hassle. 

Market99 has a solution to every problem, and the answer lies in its wide range of premium and most exclusive products. Well, there is a fantastic collection for these wonderful rainy days as well. 

Here is everything at Market99 you need to be monsoon ready.


A must-have in the monsoon, needless to say, umbrellas are a monsoon necessity. Whether for a quick run to the grocery store or travelling to the office, keeping umbrellas accessible is a must and real time saver.

There are plenty of options available in this section for everyone. You'll find adorable and fun-looking umbrellas for kids as well as classic and elegant umbrellas for adults. With so many amazing options, the additional deals and discounts work like a cherry on top.

Kulhad Sets

Nothing makes a rainy morning better than a hot cup of tea and some delicious snacks. Well, we got just the right thing for you. A wide range of premium Kulhads for authentic and wonderful tea sessions in beautiful weather. 

Made with premium ceramic, these kulhads are reusable and reliable, perfect for many wonderful rainy evenings and mornings. There is a variety of designs available to choose from, and these awesome designs include classic terracotta and unique ethnic prints.

Clip Basket

This one is more of a necessity, specifically during monsoon season. Drying clothes in bad weather is an excruciating task, and they take up so much space in a room. Well, that is why you need this fantastic clip basket. 

When the dryer can't do its job properly, you need this clip basket to have fresh and dry clothes throughout the monsoon. This little accessory can be a huge help and a real-time saver, making the most excruciating task easier and taking little less time. 

Hangers with Pegs

Another amazing solution is to dry your clothes. Although it is very much similar to the pegs we discussed before, this one is specially designed to dry clothes Indoors as well as outdoors. It is a wonderful hanger with many solid pegs attached to it. 

These pegs provide a solid and stable hold on clothes and prevent them from falling down. Its unique design makes up space for many clothes pieces, maximising the space. 

Scented Candles

Who doesn't love the scent of wet sand and trees after the very first rain, but after a few days of continuous rain, many homes start reeking with the smell of stucked water. Well, there is a perfect solution for that as well. 

Market99 has a wide range of charming scented candles with soothing aromas to give your home a refreshing scent and ambience, even while it's cats and dogs. 


Well, now you're ready to have the maximum fun during the rain. All these fantastic products will surely make this monsoon a little extra special for you. 


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