Different Types of Kitchen Utensils and Their Uses

Different Types of Kitchen Utensils and Their Uses - MARKET 99

A well-stocked kitchen with ready-to-use utensils for every meal you wish to cook is one that is well-prepared. Organising your kitchen or giving it a makeover to enable you to prepare more meals for your family can both benefit from the addition of practical kitchen tools.

It can sometimes be a little time-consuming to choose from a wide variety of brands and utensils. Read along to get to know about multiple types of utensils and their usage to make it easier for you to choose. 

Basic kitchen utensils, every house requires- 

  1. Rolling pin: This utensil is one of the most important aspects of an Indian household, its versatility makes it unique. From flattening a dough to chasing toddlers for messing around in the kitchen, it does it all. It is easily available at local stores and comes in a variety of shapes and sizes.
  1. Knives and chopping utensils- Almost every meal requires the usage of sharp utensils, from opening a pack of yoghurt to chopping vegetables. There are different kinds of knives and chopping utensils.
  • Basic Kitchen Knife: The blade of a basic kitchen knife can be up to half a foot long. Large and medium-sized food items that need to be diced or sliced are cut using this tool.
  • The paring knife has a tiny blade that is roughly the size of a finger. It works well for paring fruit, gouging, and removing single portions of food as well as cutting tiny pieces of food. Although larger food servings do not function well with this knife, you can utilise it for precise cutting tasks.
  • The blade of a serrated knife is longer than that of a bread knife. It works well for quickly cutting big portions of meat, especially cooked meat. This kind of knife can be used to chop through huge roasts, including chicken.
  • Bread Knife: The edge of the bread knife is serrated, which is essential for rapidly slicing bread. 
  • Pizza cutter: It's really difficult to chop flat food into smaller pieces using a conventional knife, like a pizza, for instance. But with a pizza cutter, you just roll along the cutting line while applying pressure to the edge of the pizza cutter.
  • Kitchen scissors can be used to cut objects apart. From opening packets to cutting coriander it may be used to quickly cut through food. This makes food preparation quicker and more effective.
  • Peeler- Peeling is evident from the lengthy blade element, and the pointy edge tip makes it possible to gouge away potato eyes and vegetable spot defects. For the purpose of removing wider pieces of food as needed, peelers are also available in multiple variants.
  • Cutting board- A cutting board is made to offer a secure surface on which to cut or operate with food, and it can be easily cleaned up. It is strongly advised to use a plastic board rather than a wooden one because the latter has a tendency to absorb food juices, which might serve as a breeding ground for bacteria. With plastic, the board is easier to clean, nothing can get inside reducing the risk of bacteria or germs accumulating. 
  • Spoons and ladles- One of the bare necessities in a kitchen are spoons and ladles to stir and serve food. 

  1. A typical kitchen spoon is an enlarged spoon that comes in handy when handling food and liquids in large pots. During cooking, you can use it to scoop, move, stir, and hold food in the place. This utensil is available in two varieties: solid and slotted. The slotted one is used to manage the solid items in the spoon's basin while draining fluids from underneath. 
  2. Pasta Ladle: The pasta ladle has a hole in the centre of its basin and a toothed edge. The pasta may be rapidly retrieved from hot water using the teeth, and the perforations allow the water to drain. Use it to serve pasta straight from the main pot of cooking or from an electric pasta maker.
  3. Spatula: When frying food, the spatula is a flat instrument that is frequently employed. You can slip beneath the food and pick it up to serve. Furthermore, you can use it to turn food over to cook the other side. In accordance with the size of your frying pans, they are also available in various sizes.
  • Grater- Either a board shape with a handle or a box shape with several serration forms on each of the four sides is available for the Steel Grater. Instead of attempting to accomplish the same with a knife, this simple meal preparation equipment makes it easier to prepare food. 
  • Whisks come in small and big sizes and enable swift swirling mixing to complete tasks quickly. For instance, beating eggs without getting your hands dirty is perfect when preparing them for baking or cooking. Although there are many variations of whisks, the spiral or multi-wire end that is used to stir the food is the most widely used. 


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