Coffee Table Accessories to Dress Up Your Living Room

Coffee Table Accessories to Dress Up Your Living Room - MARKET 99

The coffee table is visible to everyone who enters the house. Its placement is what makes it unique. Therefore, it is important to keep the table in line with the rest of the house. Transforming a coffee table for the living room is an easy process if you know what elements you will add. Read along to curate an eye-catching coffee table for your house.  

It's always fun to revamp components of your house, for instance, to decorate a coffee table. Select components with contrasting colours, heights, and textures. To prevent clutter, adhere to the rule of three or groups of three pieces per space. To decorate a coffee table, choose books, vases, flowers, potted plants, aromatic candles, mementoes from home, and ornaments. 

Points to keep in mind while decorating your coffee table.

  1. Rule of threes- Just like in photography, the decor also incorporates the rule of threes. It means that decor pieces go well when grouped in three. Three accessories together will create one visual component. Group the things together if your coffee table is large and wide or if you prefer a full display with plenty of pieces. Use multiple visual components while adhering to the rule of three.
  2. Mix and match- Your ornamental displays will be more eye-catching if they are built at varying heights. Everything tends to be monotonous and unnoticeable when everything is level. Use ornaments that complement the room's décor and other furniture by choosing colours that go with them. Alternately, employ complementary hues to make a strong statement and add some colour.
  3. Keep it minimal- A single gorgeous centrepiece looks incredibly eye-catching when set on a round coffee table. Adding a sizable spherical candle dome or a priceless ornate vase or sculpture will both look stunning. Whatever you put in the centre should be striking and elegant in style.
  4. Use bold colours- Place bright ornaments on the coffee table to introduce a complementary colour to the décor if the remainder of the space is decorated in neutral tones. Choose two or three complementary colours, or you can choose various shades of the same colour. It will be lovely to add some colour with a huge, round ceramic bowl in a deep dark blue filled with a variety of ceramic eggs in hues of orange, yellow, and green.
  5. Add plants- This way, you not only decorate your house but also filter the air. On oak, glass, or marble coffee tables, lovely plants in equally attractive pots are put on a spectacular display. Choose plants like anthuriums, long-stemmed orchids, bowls of cactus and succulents, peace lilies, or a classic bonsai for their stunning foliage or blossoms. On the coffee table, you could either leave the plant alone or set some books and other decorations there.
  6. Ottomans- Modern and functional, ottomans can be used as a footstool, a cushioned seat, or a coffee table. They are made of various substances, including leather, fabric, wood, and all-weather wicker. Decorate an ottoman with a tray filled with ornaments since it will be simple to transfer the tray when an additional seat is needed.
  7. Add books- A coffee table is typically used for hardcover books, classic books, crafts, décor, hobbies, or personal preferences. Choose books with beautiful or complementary jackets, if at all possible. You can have two piles of books on a table if you arrange them in size order, large to little. Put vases, coasters, or other decorations on top of the books to give the table setting some height.
  8. Use Ceramics- Combine floral designs in complementary or the same hues with bright pottery in solid colours. Include some novels, candles, and gorgeously reflective coasters made of pottery to go with the ceramic accents. On a glass coffee table, a display of exquisitely painted ceramic bowls, jugs, vases, and jars of varying sizes and shapes looks stunning. For a new look, group the pottery items and put some greenery in a jug.
  9. Candles and diffusers- Put aromatic candles of all sizes and shapes on the table, or you could put one in the middle of it on a silver or marble tray. Or you can combine them with aromatic candles in tiny glass holders, a vase of flowers, some books, and other nice decorations. Diffusers also are a lovely piece to complete your décor.

To conclude-

All these ideas are mere suggestions, and your coffee table can be decorated in a variety of ways and with various things. Use the "rule of three" when decorating a coffee table, or put three pieces together to create one visual feature. By doing this, you can make sure the coffee table doesn't look cluttered; and is visually pleasing. Market99 has an extraordinary collection to match every aesthetic or tone you go with.


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