Work From Home! Here Are 5 Market 99 Products You Definitely Need

The pandemic isn’t over yet, neither work from home. You are still required to stay at home to prevent the situation from getting worse, and while staying home, we need to work to reach our goals in life. Because, no matter what happens, life goes on. 

Apart from a positive outlook, we need a few more things to make work from home comfortable and productive. Well, don't worry, we got everything in one place.

Here are five Market 99 products you definitely need while working from home. 

Bed tray & laptop table

Laptop Table

Starting with the best and a must for work from home, this awesome bed tray and laptop table. Well, the best thing about working from home is that you can do it in the comfort of your own bed. That is why you should definitely get this multifunctional laptop table

Transform your bed into your office space with this eye-catching and comfortable bed tray cum laptop table. It will provide a more comfortable and productive way to work. It has strong legs that will provide perfect stability even on your soft and cushy bed. 

Lumbar roll 

Lumber Roll, Pillow for Office chair

If you are one of those people, who needs a proper setting to focus on work, then this lumbar roll is for you. Sitting on a chair the whole day while working seriously impacts our body in many ways. For starters, a lot of people develop back problems due to their inappropriate posture. 

Attach this comfortable and soft lumbar roll to your office chair and work comfortably for as long as you want. It will provide your back with much-needed support and comfort. It will help you sit in an appropriate posture and prevent any back problems. 

Notebooks & notepads 


After covering the comfort part of your work from home, let's come to the productivity part. To make your home into your office, you need office supplies. You can’t get any work done without them. That is why you need this fun looking yet multipurpose notebook

It has bright white pages and a durable cover. It is perfect for your dictations, meetings, reminders, and a whole lot of other things. Get this unique notebook right away, but do not forget about getting a pen. 

Pen holder or pen pot 

Pen Holder

Now that you have got the needed office supplies, you need to make them organized and accessible. This adorable and colourful pen holder is a must for you. 

It has an eye-catching animal shaped design that will surely add a fun factor to your boring work desk. It is spacious and durable, perfect for storing and organising your markers, pens, pencil, and other office supplies. 

Memo board with marker 

Memo Board

While working from home, productivity becomes more difficult to get in the initial days. A work that usually takes one hour ends up taking three hours. Your organisation and time management skills are put to test. Well if you are one of those people, who can completely resonate with this above statement, you need this product right away! 

This memo board with markers has a calendar as well. You can write down your targets or things you need to by the end of the day. You can keep reminders about meetings and work-related calls. This memo board will help you be more productive and will improve your time management skills. 

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