Quirky & Stylish Wall Plaques For Every Room

Walls have a huge impact on the overall style of your décor. They can make a major difference in any room if you decorate them with perfection. You need to put your best foot forward when it comes to decorating your walls. 

When we talk about decorating walls, those old fashioned picture frames are definitely out of the picture. Well, you can still use them, but not for every wall in your home. You need to go for more modish, stylish, and sophisticated in order to give your home that elegant look. 

Well, the most appropriate and stylish décor piece to decorate your home would be a Wall Plaque. They are perfect for any kind of décor, as they are quirky yet sophisticated at the same time. So here are some amazing wall plaques you can use to decorate your wall. 

Wall Plaque for Living Room

Let's start with something positive and inspiring. Something like this beautiful wall plaque displays an even more beautiful message for you, “Enjoy the moment that makes you happy”. 

This wall plaque is perfect for the walls of any room. Wherever you decide to hang it, it will bring positive and optimistic energy to that place. It has an elegant colour with fun and appealing fonts. It will look great on any minimalist wall with cool colours. 

Wall Plaque for the Kitchen

Wall plaques aren’t limited to the beautiful walls of the living room. You can use them to decorate any room in your beautiful home, like this charming and fun wall plaque that will be a perfect choice for your lovely kitchen. 

This amazing wall displays a straightforward attitude required for every cook in the kitchen. “My kitchen, my rules is” is a motto that will perfectly describe your kitchen and your attitude towards wannabe chefs in your home. 

Wall Plaque For The Bathroom

Tired of dictating your bathroom rules to your family, friends, and visitors. Well, then you definitely need this amazing wall plaque. It is an amazing wall plaque that will make sure that bathroom rules are clear to everyone using it. 

It describes each and every bathroom rule perfectly in an amazing stylish font on an elegant and premium quality wall plaque. This wall plaque is a must for every contemporary style bathroom.

Wall Plaque For The Entrance

This one is a little different from others on the list, but it is equally charming and sophisticated. It is not only for walls but can be placed on doors as well. 

Welcome guests and visitors with this charming and elegant wall plaque to stylishly greet them. It is an elegantly looking wall plaque with a charming golden font. It will be great at the entrance of your home. 

Wall Plaque For The Bedroom

The next one on the list is also an equally charming wall plaque. It has everything that makes up for a beautiful wall décor piece. It is a perfect choice for the bedroom, where you want to keep something beautiful like this just for yourself. 


Ditch traditional ways to decorate your walls, and choose something suitable from the beautiful wall décor at Market 99. Each wall plaque is beautifully designed with excellent quality materials. 

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