10 Products That Are Functional As Well As Aesthetically Pleasing

10 Products That Are Functional As Well As Aesthetically Pleasing - MARKET 99

When you shop online, you look for options that are valued for money, and at Market 99, each product you buy is value for money. You come across many products that are eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing, but they fell short when it comes to practicality.

A true value for money product is one that is functional as well as aesthetically pleasing. Today, we have come up with ten products that are a perfect blend of practicality and style. 

Decorative Serving Tray

The first entry on our list is this elegant and charming decorative tray. It has a charming design and a unique ethenic print. Apart from being a charming decoration on any coffee table, it is also suitable for serving snacks and beverages to your guests. 

Mason Jar

A quirky mason jar that will add a fun quotient to your drinks. It has an amazing design, specifically designed by experts. It comes with a straw and lid for your convenience and a true sense of practicality and style. 

Straw Set

The next addition to our list is this fun and quirky set of straws. It has some unique and fun colours, along with some cool additions of cartoon animals. It is perfect for kids and suitable for adults as well. 

Glass Water Bottle

This stylish and charming glass water is truly unique and exceptionally crafted. It has a transparent body but with some beautiful prints that elevate its overall style and charm. The cap of this bottle is also very unique, something you are least likely to have seen before. 

Wind Chime with T-light Holder

This one is the perfect combination of two amazing decorative pieces. An amazing wind chime with an equally beautiful T-light holder. So surround yourself with brightness along with pleasing melodies. 

Metal Storage Jars

While shopping for your kitchen, a perfect combination of style and practicality is something to strive for. This metal jar provides you with a perfect storing solution with the ability to create a unique style in your kitchen. 

Handmade Kulhads

If you love traditional Indian designs and want to add something beautiful to your regular coffee drinking sessions. This amazingly handmade kulhads set is the perfect choice for you. 

Cosmetic Mirror

This one will be a charming addition to your dressing table or bathroom shelf. It has an aesthetically pleasing design. Additionally, this amazing mirror will come in handy while you are getting ready. 

Jewellery Holder Tray

Organize and store your jewellery in style with this amazing jewellery holder tray. It is a fine example of beauty and elegance. Amazing ceramic with a crafted bird on top, which elevates its overall charm.

Glass Soap Dispenser

This one is surely practical and useful, but its gorgeous design makes it aesthetically pleasing as well. A soap dispenser is a must for every bathroom, but for a stylish bathroom, you need a stylish glass soap dispenser like this one. 

Flower Self Adhesive Hooks

In order to make your home look more beautiful, you need to ditch nails and regular hooks and get these beautiful flower-shaped self-adhesive hooks. It has an aesthetically pleasing design that will make the walls of your charming home equally beautiful. 


While shopping for your home, you need to keep an equal balance of practicality and style. These products are specially chosen, keeping this in mind. 


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