Everything You Need On Your Stylish Kitchen Counters

If you are someone who loves spending time in the kitchen, then you probably want to bring your unique style into it. 

Styling your kitchen is a much trickier task than the rest of the rooms in your home. Your chosen aesthetic should be a balance between functionality and style. 

The main attraction of any kitchen is its counters. From utensils to essentials, you need to have everything more accessible while cooking. In that process, you sometimes forget about the style quotient of your kitchen counters. Well, don’t worry, we will help you style your kitchen counters according to your need and your sense of style. Here is everything you need for stylish kitchen counters.



Baskets are one of few kitchen items that are a perfect mix of style and usability. They are beautiful looking and provide a lot of storage space as well. 

You can style these baskets with fruits, vegetables, flowers, tea bags, coffee pots, snacks etc. It will give you a lot of opportunities to be creative with your kitchen décor.

Decorative Bottle

Decorative Objects

When it comes to styling your kitchen counters, you need something that brings a unique and modern style to your kitchen. That is why this beautiful decorative bottle is perfect for you. 

It is perfect for bringing a touch of colours and a modern aesthetic to your kitchen. This decorative glass bottle is specially designed to decorate a modern style kitchen. It doesn’t bring much usability to your kitchen, but it definitely brings a lot of unique styles.

Oil Dispensers

Oil Dispenser

If you do not have a stylish oil dispenser in your kitchen, then you need to get one asap. Oil dispensers are perfect when it comes to making your kitchen beautiful and cooking easy. 

Get a beautiful oil dispenser, and bring a perfect blend of style and convenience to your kitchen. Oil dispensers have a perfect pouring spout that makes oiling your pan easy and convenient. It helps you get that perfect amount of oil you need in any dish.

Microfiber Dish Drying Mat & Rack

Dish Rack & Mat

Water spillage is one thing that always gets on our nerves, as it spoils the clean and dry look of the kitchen. Most water spillage comes from recently washed dishes and utensils. That is why you need this microfiber dish drying mat & rack

It is a must for every kitchen countertop. It saves your kitchen from any mess created by wet dishes and utensils. It has a dish rack that is perfect for stacking dishes. Along with that, the drying mat absorbs excess water, keeping your kitchen counter clean and dry.

Utensil Holder

Utensil Holder

Kitchen utensils and cutleries are one the most important parts of your kitchen. You are always in constant need of them. Therefore, while styling your kitchen, always make sure your utensils are more accessible.

This beautiful utensil holder from Market 99 is perfect for you. It provides a stylish and elegant way to store your kitchen utensils like ladle, skimmer, spoons, knives, forks etc.

Storage Jars 

Storage Jars

If we are talking about stylish kitchen storage solutions, how can we forget about storing kitchen essentials like sugar, salt, tea, and snacks. If you want to bring elegance and charm to kitchen counters, then you need these elegant-looking kitchen storage jars from Market 99. 

They are a perfect storing solution for every kitchen. Charming, beautiful, and will look great on your kitchen countertop. They are airtight containers that will maintain the freshness of your cooking commodities.

Decorative Objects

 Decorative Object

Styling your kitchen shouldn’t always be about usability and convenience. Sometimes, it should just be about making it more and more beautiful and charming. 

These fruit-shaped decorative objects will do that job perfectly. They will add a unique sense of style to your kitchen countertop.

Decorative Serving Tray

 Decorative Serving Tray

If you are going for luxurious and voguish kitchen décor, then this decorative serving tray is a perfect bet. It has a beautiful botanical design and strong MDF construction. They are very useful as well. 

Serve your guests in style or make your kitchen countertop more charming. This decorative serving tray is multipurpose and a perfect kitchen investment.

Classy teapot


Nowadays, kitchen décor is all about a mix of beautiful things. This aesthetically pleasing teapot will add a traditional touch to your modern kitchen décor. 

It is perfect for decorating the kitchen uniquely and charmingly. It is a perfect combination of beautiful aesthetics and functionality. Style your kitchen with traditional charm with this classy teapot.

Each of the above-mentioned kitchen decor items and essentials is exclusively available on Market 99. Each of these items is selected keeping customer opinions and the latest decor trends in mind.

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