5 Best Market 99 Products For A Celebration Ready Home

Lights, decoration, and delicious food are three must-haves for a perfect festive celebration. It takes a ton of time and effort to be celebration ready. But, on the day of the celebration, everything is worth it. 

As the festivals are around the corner, is your home celebration ready?

Well, there is a lot that needs to be done, in order to get that perfect celebration look for your home. But, don’t worry, Market 99 is here to help you with an easy and affordable way to get that celebration ready home. Here are the five best Market 99 Products for a celebration ready home. 

Suave and sophisticated T-light holders

T-light holders

Candles are a big part of any celebration, and they add a unique aesthetic to any festive celebration. That is why, while making a list of things you need for a celebration ready home, you definitely need to add a beautiful and sophisticated T-light holder

Decorate any space with a unique T-light holder. With a beautiful glass votive and metal stand, they will give your home a grand and festive look. 

Classy and charming lanterns 


When it comes to sophisticated lighting T-light holders aren’t the only option available. You can also go for a charming and classy lantern. They will add a royal look to your living room. 

Get a traditional style lantern and decorate your home in a way that brings a natural and classic festive vibe. If you are looking for affordable yet charming lanterns, Market 99 is the perfect place for you. 

Casual and fun string lights

Decoration String light for festivals

Celebrations are all about fun and a casual attitude, and not just about spending money and style. In addition to decorating your home with sophisticated and charming decorations, you can go for something casual and fun as well.

These string lights are perfect for bringing that fun and casual vibe to your celebrations. You can decorate your walls, ceiling, garden or the outside of your home. They will last longer and will make your home aesthetically pleasing.

Elegant & Beautiful Vases 


Once you have covered the light and decoration part of the celebration, you can move on to some elegant and beautiful décor pieces that are a must for every home during festivals. If you want something more elegant and regular for your home, the professionally designed vases from Market 99 are perfect for you. 

Use a beautiful vase in your living room with a creative mix of colourful flowers to bring some elegance to your festive celebrations. The best thing about decorating your home with aesthetically pleasing vases is that you can style them anywhere and on any occasion. They are perfect for every occasion, whether it is a special occasion or a regular one. 

Eye-catching & stunning dinner set

Dinner Set

Celebrations are incomplete without delicious food items. We all make something special and different on a day of celebration, and to serve something special, you need a special serving set

You can get all of that in just one place; Market99 has tons of options for serving your guests with style. From stunning melamine plates to eye-catching serving bowl sets, do not limit style to just decorations. Add a modern and unique aesthetic to your dining table to make the celebrations extra special. 

For a celebration ready home, you do not need to spend a fortune. You can get all the above-mentioned items within your budget at the Market 99 online store. 



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