5 Market 99 Eco-friendly Products for Sustainable Living

Climate change is turning into a bigger problem every year, and we are on the brink of losing our precious planet. Sustainable living has never been this much important for every being. 

Sustainable living refers to the inclusion of environmentally friendly products into our lifestyle. Moreover, about using less and less natural resources to maintain the balance. Although it is a huge commitment, you don’t need to worry about anything. We are here to help you take the first step to an environmentally friendly lifestyle. 

So, here are five Market 99 eco-friendly products for sustainable living and betterment of the environment. 

Donati Jute Bags 

Donati Jute Bags

Plastic bags are the biggest threat to our environment. It has been found that it takes around 1000 years for a plastic bag to decompose. Yet, they still pollute our environment as microplastic. That is why it is up to us to completely abolish single-use plastic or any other kind of plastic as much as we can.

A great alternative to those toxic plastic bags is this amazing jute bag. It is better looking and much more elegant as well. These Donati jute bags are perfect as shopping bags and carry bags for your lunch, groceries, everyday essentials etc. 

VON CASA Container with Ceramic Lid 

VON CASA Container with Ceramic Lid Ditch those ugly plastic containers and get this amazing and aesthetically pleasing glass container with a ceramic lid. It is perfect for an environmentally-friendly kitchen. 

This glass container is the ultimate kitchen storage solution. It will keep your supplies safe and fresh for longer with an airtight ceramic lid. The transparent glass will help you identify the inside content, so no more of those labels. 

Ceramic Water Bottles 

Ceramic Water Bottles

Plastic bottles are neither good for you or for the environment. You may have heard people say that you should often change your plastic water bottles because old plastic is more likely to infiltrate your drinking water with harmful toxins. Well, you do not have to worry about that with this eco-friendly ceramic water bottle.  

It will make it easy for you to store water while preventing harmful toxins from entering your drinking water. It can be used as long as you want, and the beautiful design will add some style factor to your fridge as well. It also has a cork for a vintage aesthetic and protection. 

Mason Jars 

Mason Jars If you are all about that vegan lifestyle and healthy eating then, you are probably a smoothie enthusiast. Well, if you are one, then this amazing mason jar is perfect for you. 

Drink smoothies and pressed juices in style with this amazing environment-friendly mason jar. It comes with a protective lid and a reusable straw for more convenience and ease. This mason jar will definitely make sustainable living fun for you. 

Reusable Soap Dispenser

Reusable Soap Dispenser

This one may seem like a minor upgrade but it can make a huge difference. We all buy liquid soap at least once a month for that hygienic handless washing. As we get the new bottle, the old goes straight to the trash and into our oceans and ends up polluting our precious water bodies and landfills.

You can prevent that from happening by going for a beautiful reusable soap dispenser. Buy liquid soap refills and save money as well as the environment. This soap dispenser is a must for every home, who wants to minimize its use of plastic. Use it as long as you want to cut down on plastic dependence. 


Going for sustainable living is a difficult yet selfless deed. You can do a lot for the environment by implementing these small changes. Minimize your plastic and do your part in reversing the climate change phenomenon. 

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