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Choosing gifts for kids is a difficult task, as most of them are very picky. Therefore, we always look out for astounding gifts that are suitable and interesting for them.

It is more difficult to choose a gift for children than adults for many reasons. For starters, children have an impressionable mind. That is why we have to get them something that is appropriate yet very entertaining.

Well, do not worry, as we are here to make this time-taking and confusing process of choosing easy for you with this list of seven best gifting options that are suitable for children. 



This early learning toy or abacus can be considered a perfect gift for every child above the age of five. It is perfect in many ways. For starters, it has both qualities that are a must in every gift for children. It is entering and educational, a perfect combination. 

You can gift this on any occasion, whether it is a birthday party or the first day of school. This early educational toy makes it easy for kids to learn numbers and computation. As we all know, no gift is better than the gift of education. 

Toy Robot Watch 

Toy Robot Watch

If you want to teach your kids about being punctual and the importance of time, there is no better gift than this cool toy robot watch. It is a perfect gifting option for children of all ages. It is a toy robot that transforms into a wristwatch. 

This cool toy will surely make kids jump with glee as soon as they will open the box. It is constructed with great details and modern technology. This toy robot watch is surely one of a kind in terms of design and innovation. 

Rubik’s Cube 

Toy Robot Watch

Children should play with toys that challenge them on an intellectual level. That is what this amazing Rubik's cube does. It gives children a way to challenge and teaches them to overcome every hurdle. 

Gift this Rubik’s cube to kids that needs a challenging aspect in their life. It helps kids in many ways like, teaching about quick decision making and using their mental strength to overcome every hurdle on their way to success. 

Remote Control Car

Remote Control Car

Well, not everything should be about learning and growing. Children should have fun as well. That is why this remote control car is also a great gifting option for children. 

Kids love nothing more than an amazing remote control toy. This amazing gift will keep them entertain and engaged for hours. It is a fun toy that every kid deserves. 

Building Block Set

Building Block Set

The next gifting option on the list is this amazing building block set. Well, it is an amazing gifting choice for so many reasons. For starters, kids love building things, as it's in their nature, which is a good thing, as it makes them creative and stimulates their brains. That is what this amazing building block set does. 

It teaches children to be more creative and open-minded, which is a great trait that will help them grow up to be better learner. By gifting this building block set, you will give them an opportunity to show their creativity.  


These amazing gifting options are chosen while keeping the interest and wellbeing of children in mind. Each of them is very well crafted under expert supervision. They are completely safe and perfect for children above the age of three. If you are looking for some more options, visit the toys and games section of market99.com.

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