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Transform your house or professional space with this exclusive selection of premium products. At an affordable rate of ₹999, every product is unique and remarkable in this category. Various products offered by Market99 are included in this collection, a special assortment of affordably priced, highly coveted, and superbly designed goods that are all delivered for free. This category includes premium quality products without arising budget issues. The under 999 category features an exclusive selection of high-end goods.

Fantastic products from a variety of categories, including home decor, presents, kitchen, dining, outdoors, etc. are featured in this category.

Premium selection within a budget

Under ₹999 category offers a variety of products, from decor to organisation, we have it all. Offering more than a hundred products, this category is the ideal approach to purchasing exclusive and reliable products at a reasonable price.

Following is the selection of products in under 999 category:

Glass Jars: With more than 10 variations, this glass jar selection is a combination of aesthetic and functional products. There are glass jars available with golden lids in rabbit, star and bird shaped lids. Market99 also offers durable glass jars with wooden lids, ideal to store confectionery and amp up the kitchen cabinet. Elegant looking ceramic lid glass jars have a unique and sturdy structure to adorn kitchen/pantry shelves. Last but not the least, airtight lid glass jars; an exclusively designed must-have for every household.

Wall Decor: Every product in this selection is crafted by experts with much deliberation, as wall decor is quintessential for every space. A wonderful wall plaque made wih high quality material completes every decor. This selection also includes one of a kind artificial wall hanging terrarium, that is outstanding in every way. Photo frames are a beautiful piece of decor and make for a great gift too. Get aesthetic wall mirrors and oil paintings too in this budget-friendly category.

Home Decor: Decorative gold bowls, tea- light holders, standing candle holder, artificial plant pots, this selection will add a beautiful charm to every space. Elegant gold bowls combine durability with style in the perfect amount making it look great on any table or shelf. Magnificent T-light holders that are beautifully carved and created with beauty of celebrations in mind. It will be the ideal Diwali decoration. With the help of artificial planters add a lovely touch of style and elegance to every space.

Vase: The right choice of vases enhance every house or professional space. This selection includes a wide variety of vases offered by Market99, all at a budget friendly price. Drawing inspiration from Scandinavian culture and design, Market99 offers a lovely range of vases with an ideal fusion of contemporary design and expert craftsmanship. House plants are considered to be natural air purifiers and with table planters, every house can be infused with the essence of nature. Under 999 category has a great variety of ceramic and metallic vases that bring a sense of charm to every corner.

Organisers: Every space needs organisers and this selection offers kitchen organising products, toiletry, felt organisers, etc. Organisers are a great addition for filtering practically anything and it adds a special touch to everything. An exceptional and magnificent soap and oil dispensers are a must due to its exquisite design and sophisticated appearance. Organize your priceless kitchen cups in style with the help of this wonderful and functional cups holder tray. This unique collection also offers a variety of melamine plates and oven/microwave safe mugs.

Get hold of the most popular products in this category

There are numerous reasons to shop from Market99, the products here are crafted with elegance and functionality in mind. Every product in the under 999 category caters to create a more comfortable and aesthetic space. Above given descriptions were particular to every selection, so here’s a list of some frequently asked to assist buyers to choose from this exclusive selection.

Q: What are the types of Products available Under ₹999?
- This category offers exclusive and premium quality products under a budget, from home organising products to wall decor, we’ve got your back. You can check the different product types on Market99 website.

Q: What all products can I purchase under 999?
- All products under this category with a “Buy now” option are purchasable and “Out of Stock” aren’t.

Q: Why Choose Market99?
- Market99 is an Indian brand offering Quality products that are durable and Budget friendly at the same time.

Q: What all locations Do you Deliver To?
- We, at Market99 ship all across the nation, for more information you can check the delivery tool.

Q: Do you Offer Free Shipping?
- Yes, Free Shipping Across India is available, excluding the following:
PREPAID: Shipping charges of ₹49 will be applicable on orders of ₹149 & below.
COD: For COD orders of ₹799 & below, delivery charges will be applicable of ₹49.

Q: How long would it take for me to received my Order?
- We offer express shipment on all orders. Once you place an order with us, we ship it within 3-10 working days and receipt of payment is also provided to you.