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Having a limited budget won’t be a problem anymore, with this comprehensive collection of great products is the solution. There are many things to choose from, including kitchenware and bathroom necessities, all under 399. This category of Market99 is all about shopping on a low budget without sacrificing on style and quality quotient. It is a beautiful assortment of excellent products, including mugs, storage jars, deluxe dinnerware, and oil dispensers. Every item in this fantastic category is offered for less than 399. Purchase the best of everything at the best prices ever by shopping from Market99.

Great range at a great price

Products in the Under 399 category include a plethora of products that are a fusion or functionality and elegance. This category offers a wide variety at just under 399.

The following is a list of every item that falls under the "under 399" category:

Home Decor: When we say a wide range of products, we mean it. The home decor selection, much like all other selections under 399 category have a wide range of products to offer. Starting with excellent quality tea-light candles, artificial plant pots, tea-light holders handcrafted by experts, decorative boxes, and planter pots will surely light up every space. This selection also includes, ceramic table planter, a reed diffuser set, string lights with 10 decorative balls, wall plaques, hour glass, floor mats, candle holder, jewelry holder trays, and handcrafted wooden boat at just under 399.

Kitchen Essentials: The most amazing variety of uniquely functional and elegant products fall under this selection. It includes; Glass Jar with wooden lid and spoon, School Snack plastic box, Ceramic Serving Plate, Ceramic Bowls, Polar bear shaped ice cube tray, Airtight plastic container, Sink storage rack, Plastic Juice Bottle, Ice cream mould, Canvas Lunch bag, Silicone glass charms, Oil Dispenser, White Cylindrical Tin jars, metal jars with and without lid, utensil holder, metal ice buckets, melamine tableware, Kitchen Drawer Organiser, Chopping Board, Salt and Pepper set, and Ghee dispenser with brush, all under 399.

Organisation tools: Be it a workspace or a home, organisation of all the knick knacks is essential to reduce the clutter. This selection includes amazingly functional and elegant products for the same. It includes a First aid storage pouch, Portable storage basket, multifunctional storage hangers, felt organiser basket, felt car seat organisers, felt storage basket organisers, makeup organiser for jewelry, canvas fabric storage bin, travel organiser pouches and bags, plastic home storage baskets, cloth hangers, metal hangers, and floral storage tin box for itty bits, all under 399.

Stationery: Make learning exciting with this funky and useful selection of products. An age-old but enjoyable method of keeping notes made amazing with A5 Notebooks. This selection also includes numerous one-of-a-kind pens with a modern look and smooth writing, a Desk Dustbin, Leather storage traysm desk organiser storage boc, wall organiser, and multiple section table organiser.

Bathroom Essentials: Much like all other selections in this category, this one too includes high-quality affordable products that complete the bathroom. Starting with reusable shower caps, a cost efficient and eco-friendly alternative to one time use shower caps. It includes bathroom makeup organiser, a wooden cover plastic tissue box, great range of refillable soap dispensers, toothpaste squeezer, soap dish, toothbrush holder, loofah with and without handles, and a toiletry wall organiser.

Wide variety of products to choose from under 399

The under 399 category contains a tonne of excellent quality products and wide variety to choose from. At Market99, we specialise on offering high-quality products with tasteful items at affordable costs.

Since the descriptions given above were individual to each choice, the following is a list of some often asked questions to assist customers in selecting from this unique variety.

Q: What are the types of Products available Under ₹399?
- This category offers exclusive and premium quality products under a budget, from home organising products to wall decor, we’ve got your back. You can check the different product types on Market99 website.

Q: What all products can I purchase under 399?
- All products under this category with a “Buy now” option are purchasable and “Out of Stock” aren’t.

Q: Why Choose Market99?
- Market99 is an Indian brand offering Quality products that are durable and Budget friendly at the same time.

Q: What all locations Do you Deliver To?
- We, at Market99 ship all across the nation, for more information you can check the delivery tool.

Q: Do you Offer Free Shipping?
- Yes, Free Shipping Across India is available, excluding the following:
PREPAID: Shipping charges of ₹49 will be applicable on orders of ₹149 & below.
COD: For COD orders of ₹799 & below, delivery charges will be applicable of ₹49.

Q: How long would it take for me to received my Order?
- We offer express shipment on all orders. Once you place an order with us, we ship it within 3-10 working days and receipt of payment is also provided to you.