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This category in Market99 includes products that are related to hygiene and sanitation of a space or Home Care. Home Care is one of the most essential part of every household to maintain the lifestyle and keep the space clean. Tools like these not only help in the work right away, but also ensure that no resources or time are wasted owing to duplication of effort. This category is a cost efficient way of taking care of the space that one lives in.

Home care at inexpensive rates

Get functional and premium quality home care products at the most affordable prices in this category. Following is a list of products included in this category:

Cleaning Brushes- The Home Care category at Market99 offers multiple types of brushes to help speed up the cleaning process. It includes a wide variety of brushes like, Bed Brush, Microfiber Duster, Dustpan and Brush Set, Soap dispensing Dish Wash Brush with and without handle, Bottle brush, Kitchen dish brush, Carpet Brush, Sponge Bottle Brush, and Microfiber Duster with Bamboo Handle. With every brush being crafted with high quality materials, the house will be spotless post cleaning.

Other Products- Other items in this selection also include premium quality products at an inexpensive rate. Like, Toilet Cleaner Blocks, to keep the toilet bacteria free. Fly Swatter, to get rid of the unwanted buzz in the house. Dustbin, Assorted and Table Dustbin, it comes in two distinct designs and uses, one is a rather large bin with colourful designs, and the other is a minimal table bin. Window Squeegee Wiper, for cleaning windows and glass surfaces. And a Plastic Lint Remover, to reduce lint in garments and even furniture that has fabric fitting.

Declutter and clean with this selection

All products in this category have been crafted by professionals to give the best shopping experience to Market99 customers.

Above given list was specific to every selection, so here’s a list of frequently asked questions to assist customers make a sounch decision while purchasing:

Q: What are the types of Products available in the Home Care category?
- This category offers premium quality products under a budget. You can check the different product types on Market99 website.

Q: What all products I can purchase in the Home Care category?
- All products under this category with a “Buy now” option are purchasable and “Out of Stock” aren’t.

Q: Why Choose Market99?
- Market99 is an Indian brand offering Quality products that are durable and Budget friendly at the same time.

Q: What all locations Do you Deliver To?
- We, at Market99 ship all across the nation, for more information you can check the delivery tool.

Q: Do you Offer Free Shipping?
- Yes, Free Shipping Across India is available, excluding the following:

  • PREPAID: Shipping charges of ₹49 will be applicable on orders of ₹149 & below.
  • COD: For COD orders of ₹799 & below, delivery charges will be applicable of ₹49.

Q: How long would it take for me to received my Order?
- We offer express shipment on all orders. Once you place an order with us, we ship it within 3-10 working days and receipt of payment is also provided to you.