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What type of Dinnerware is perfect to use?

The best type of plate for you depends on your tastes, how you live, and the event. To help you choose, here are some popular types of dishes and what they have to offer:

Chinese Bone : Elegant and light, bone china is known for being strong and having a clear look. It's appropriate for both formal events and everyday use.

Porcelain and China : are both types of china, but porcelain is usually a little thicker. It will last a long time, won't chip, and can be used for both relaxed and formal meals.

Stoneware : This type of pottery is known for being durable and having a rustic look. It can be used every day because it is thicker and heavier than bone china or porcelain. It can often go in the microwave or machine.

Earthenware : This type of pottery doesn't last as long as stoneware, but it's usually cheaper. The look is warm and homey, and it's good for casual eating.

Melamine : Dinnerware made of melamine is light, strong, and almost impossible to break, which makes it perfect for eating outside or in homes with little kids.

Glass : Dinnerware made of glass can be simple or fancy, based on the style. It's good for both relaxed and dressy events.

Bamboo or Wood : Dinnerware made of bamboo or wood gives your table a natural, eco-friendly look. It shouldn't be used in the oven or dryer, but it's great for eating outside or offering small snacks.

When picking dishes, you should think about things like your unique style, how often you have people over, whether you have young children or pets, and how you live your life. If that's important to you, also make sure the dishes can go in the microwave for washing.

Which type of dinnerware are safe for kids?

Silicone or Bamboo : Dinnerware made from silicone or bamboo is light, strong, and safe. Most of the time, you can put them in the machine and they don't contain any dangerous chemicals like BPA, PVC, or phthalates.

Stainless Steel : Plates and tools made of stainless steel last a long time, don't rust, and don't contain any chemicals that are bad for you. They can also go in the washing and are less likely to break if you drop them.

Melamine : Melamine flatware is easy to carry, lasts a long time, and often comes in fun, bright designs that kids will love. Look for melamine items that say they are BPA-free and have been approved as safe for food.

Plastic : You should choose dishes made of BPA-free plastic that is made just for kids. These should last a long time and can go in the dishwasher. Do not use plastic dishes that might have chemicals like BPA, PVC, or phthalates that are bad for you.

Glass : Dinnerware made of tempered glass is strong and safe for kids to use. But be careful with little kids because glasses can break if they fall.

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