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To decorate any space with some class and elegance, lanterns are a go-to home décor item. They aren’t limited to festivals or special occasions.

From your dining table to your garden, you can use lanterns to decorate any space in your home. They bring a unique and sophisticated appeal with them, which transforms the entire space into something more charming and classy.  

If you are looking for ideas and recommendations to style any space with some eye-catching lanterns, then you’re at the right place. We have compiled a list of charming lanterns and décor ideas to help you style your home with your very own aesthetic. 

Bamboo Lantern For A Natural Feel

Bamboo Lantern

If you want something that can add a little more natural feel and warmness to the ambience of any space, then this bamboo lantern is just for you.

Just add a simple t-light candle, and this lantern will be ready to spread its charm and elegance. It has top-notch quality bamboo construction and a one of a kind design. It will surely add that neutral feel and appeal you always wanted. 

Classic Antique Lanterns


From a necessity to a décor piece, lanterns have been part of human life for centuries. They provide a perfect combination of style and brightness to any space. Therefore, they have been one of the most adored decorative pieces. 

If you want something classy and antique, this lantern will be the perfect choice for you. It will perfectly complement modern as well as traditional style décor. 

Lantern Lamp, A Timeless Beauty

Lantern Lamp

The next beautiful item on our list is this aesthetically pleasing lantern lamp. It is a timeless beauty that will easily transform any space in your home with its unique design. 

This lantern lamp is ideal for decorating your balcony, garden, or any other such place. It will create a mix of stylish and elegant ambience. 

Hanging Lanterns For More Brightness

Hanging Lanterns

If you are looking for something grand and opulent, then this hanging lantern is just for you. It has an aesthetically pleasing design that will leave your guests and visitors awestruck. 

Decorate any table or countertop with this beauty to enhance the style quotient of the entire room. It is a combo of three lanterns for more and better brightness. 

Modish Decorative Lanterns

Modish Decorative Lanterns

If you want to go for something modern for your contemporary style home, then this modish decorative lantern is the perfect one. Till now, you may have seen lanterns that are also t-light holders, but this one is battery operated with an inbuilt bulb. 

This modern style lamp saves you from all the mess as it doesn't need any power outlet or candles to brighten up your space. 

Battery Operated Lantern With Vintage Feel

Battery Operated Lantern

The above-mentioned model lantern was so cool, right? Well, if you want the same benefit of a battery-operated lantern but want a more antique feel, then this vintage style lantern is what you should get. 

It has that mid-century vibe to it that will create a unique aesthetic in your home. 

Lantern With Diamond Style Cutwork For A Royal Look 

Lantern With Diamond Style Cutwork For A Royal Look

Let's end this list with something grand. This lantern with diamond style cutwork is for people who want a royal look in their home. It has an exquisite design and a unique mix of elegant and vibrant colours. 

So go for a royal and grand aesthetic with amazingly beautiful lanterns. It will add that much needed majestic appeal to any space with its unique design. 

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