Meaning And Significance Of Roses In Every Colour - Valentine Week

Rose Day 2023: The beauty of a rose lies not just in its petals, but in the thorns that protect it.

Roses have always been considered the best way to express love and affection, it conveys graceful messages, hope and truth and expresses everything we feel in the physical world. The reason why roses are associated with romantic love is that they have historically been used as symbols of beauty, elegance and parenthood.

This is why almost every individual picks a rose when it comes to expression of love, especially on Rose day. But like people, every rose has its personality and meaning. So, let’s dig into the meaning of different colours of roses and see their best-suited recipients on this Valentine's Rose Day 2023

The different types of roses and their meanings

  • Red Roses: love, passion and respect
  • Pink Roses: gratitude, appreciation, and grace
  • Peach Roses: appreciation, and gratitude
  • Orange Roses: enthusiasm, pride, and gratitute
  • Lavender Roses: love at first sight or even delight
  • Green Roses: peace, wealth, and fertitlty
  • White Roses: purity, innocence, and fresh beginnings
  • Yellow Roses: friendship, joy, and happiness
  • Blue Roses: mystery, and delusion

Red Roses: love, passion and respect

Red roses, long linked with beauty and perfection, are the best way to tell your loved ones "I love you." Red roses represent passion and deeply passionate love for another person. There's no better way to communicate your sentiments than a bouquet or a planted pot of red roses.

Even though red roses seem to be an ideal gift for your partner, you can offer these red roses to your mom, dad, daughter, sister or anyone close to your heart.

Pink Roses: gratitude, appreciation, and grace

The pink rose, a classic emblem of grace and elegance, is frequently offered as a mark of affection and gratitude. They are the gentlest of roses, and their elegance conveys that message.

So when it comes to Rose day 2023, you can pick a bunch of pink roses in case you want to greet your close friend, fiancée, or trustworthy coworker with your sheer care and appreciation.

Peach Roses: appreciation, and gratitude

Peach roses are known for expressing appreciation and gratitude. They are typically given to commemorate a personal or professional achievement. But more than your thankfulness, the warm hue of peach roses also serves as a symbol of loyalty.

Thus, they make a "sweet" surprise on V-day, Rose Day or dates that are close to you in the recipient's heart. You can offer a single or bunch of peach roses to the people you admire in your life. These individuals could be your mentors, elder siblings, mother-in-law and more.

Orange Roses: enthusiasm, pride, and gratitute

Possessing a burning intensity, Orange roses are known as the wild child of the rose family. Orange flowers are symbolic of pride, enthusiasm, passion, and gratitude. And unlike red, pink or peach roses, orange roses are not romantic at all. So, if you have a single person in your life whom you want to appreciate for their inner strength and passion, then orange roses are just the perfect pick for you on this Rose Day!

Lavender Roses: love at first sight or even delight

Lavender roses are a classic symbol of love at first sight. These flowers are given to show awe and admiration for the person you just met. Their beauty is renowned to evoke enchantment, and the deeper shades of this colour represent a feeling of majesty, beauty, and royalty.

So, if you want to offer roses on this rose day 2023 to anyone you started dating or someone who is not feeling well, then these lavender roses are the gift for them!

Green Roses: peace, wealth, and fertitlty

Roses in green symbolise peace, wealth, and fertility. And like the lavender rose, can stand for peace and renewal. Green flowers represent well wishes for a prosperous new life or for regaining good health when given as a gift.
So, if your wife or anyone you know is bringing new life to the world. Or just recovered from an illness, then these green roses would be great to wrap for them on Valentine's Rose Day 2023.

White Roses: purity, innocence, and fresh beginnings

White roses have long been connected with weddings and fresh beginnings, but their peaceful beauty has also made them a symbol of remembering. The white rose is an appropriate approach to thank a friend or loved one in appreciation of a fresh beginning or a farewell since it is appropriate for respectful events. Their unadulterated colour communicates reverence, honours fresh beginnings, and shows optimism for the future. When your Rose Day Dates demand reverence, a bouquet of white roses is the ideal way to convey your thoughts.

Yellow Roses: friendship, joy, and happiness

Earlier yellow roses are known to show jealousy and greed, but later their meaning changed to friendship and care. Giving a yellow rose to your close ones would be a wonderful way to express your joy and offer warmth and care. Yellow roses are a further representation of recollection, a fond memory, or a sign of appreciation.

So in a way, there is no specific group or situation in which you can put these flowers. From small kids to your grandparents, yellow roses are the best rose day present for everyone you know!

Blue Roses: mystery, and delusion

Due to their captivating colour and the fact that their colour has nothing to do with nature, blue roses symbolise mystery and delusion. Blue flowers are the ultimate symbol of lust and desire in relationships. When given as a gift, they also stand for infinite pleasure but also impossible devotion.

They are quite complicated to fit into old-school models of love and rose day, however, in current times things are different. While most of the relations are made out of love, some of them are just there to soothe the passionate fire of lust, and for such relations blue roses are the best to offer on Rose day 2023!

Black Roses: sentiment, idea, and commitment

Black roses signify the end of a sentiment, idea, or commitment. Black roses, like blue roses, are chemically produced, hence they stand for mystery and elusiveness. Giving or receiving black flowers indicates the end of a relationship with that person. Thus, we are sure that you will pick the ideal recipient for these flowers on your own.

While each of the above-mentioned flowers has a different meaning and personality, they may look great if you club them in a wholesome bouquet. For instance, if you want to express the cheerful nature and confidence of your lover then you can mix the loving red roses with the yellow ones to say it all without uttering a single word.

The symbolism of rose colors in different cultures

Red roses in Western culture

In Western culture, a red rose is often symbolizes romantic love, passion and devotion. It is also a traditional symbol for Valentine's Day. The color red representing strong feelings of love and desire, and the thorns, symbolizing the pain and sacrifice that can come with love. It is also associated with the Greek goddess Aphrodite (Roman Venus) ,the goddess of love and beauty.

Red roses in Chinese culture

In Chinese culture, the red rose is a symbol of love, passion and respect. It is also associated with prosperity, good luck and happiness. The color red represents good fortune and is often seen as an auspicious color in Chinese culture. It is also associated with the traditional Chinese festivals, like Chinese New Year.

The red rose is also a symbol of respect and admiration, making it a popular gift for people in positions of authority or for showing gratitude. They also represent a strong bond between two people in a relationship, showing deep love and affection.

Red roses in Middle Eastern culture

In Middle Eastern culture, the red rose is a symbol of love, passion, and beauty. It is also associated with the idea of sacrifice, as the thorns of the rose can represent the pain and sacrifice that one may endure for love. In Arabic literature, the red rose is often used as a metaphor for the lover or beloved. In Islamic culture it's a symbol of paradise and the beauty and perfection of God's creation.

The rosewater and rose oil that derived from it is widely used in perfumes and traditional remedies, symbolizing sensuality and devotion. The red rose is a particularly important symbol in Persian culture, where it is associated with the legendary poet and Sufi mystic Rumi, and is often used in poetry and literature to symbolize the longing and yearning of the human soul for union with God.

Red roses in Indian culture

In Indian culture, the red rose is a symbol of love, devotion and respect. It is also associated with fertility, beauty and goddesses of love and fertility, like Radha and Kama. It is also used in Hindu religious rituals and ceremonies, especially in offerings to the gods and goddesses. They are also given as a token of love and appreciation in Indian culture.

In the Indian tradition, red roses are often used in weddings and other auspicious occasions. The red rose petals are also used in pujas and other rituals to purify the surroundings and to attract positive energy. It's also associated with the god of love, Kamadeva, who is often depicted holding a red rose.


The rose holds many meanings and significance in different cultures, mainly it is well-known as a symbol of love, beauty and purity. On rose day it's a way of expressing feelings of love, gratitude and appreciation.


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