This Summer, Beat The Heat With Your Favourite Online Store

While we are in the hottest month of the year, there are many ways to keep yourself cool. Market99 has some amazing things for you to beat the summer heat. A collection that is truly marvellous and unique and will be a perfect solution for the scorching summer heat.

Market99 brings you the bliss of summer with a truly refreshing collection. A wide range of products makes your summer a little more fun and a little less exhausting. There is something fantastic for everybody and everyone, from wonderful mason jars to fun shaped ice cubes.

So without any further ado, here is what the latest Market99 collection has for you.  

Mason Jars

Nothing is more refreshing than a delicious drink of your choice. In addition, complement it with a great looking mason jar, and voila,  you get yourself a perfect summer treat. Market99 has some very fantastic and fantastic mason jars. Each jar is perfectly crafted and excellently designed. It is charming, elegant, and unique. 

There are a variety of mason jars available in this collection. Each mason jar is unique and perfectly crafted. They have a lid and a metal straw to provide convenience and ease. The mason jar collection is a summer must-have from being refreshing to being classy. 

It will be a cherry on top for any delicious and refreshing drink. This mason jar can be a perfect addition to a fun pool party. Its premium metal lid protects your drink from spillage or any contamination. 

Donati Water Bottles

In summer, staying hydrated is very important, and it is the only way to beat the scorching summer heat waves. Easy to carry and convenient, keeping a water bottle with you is always a fantastic option. Market99 has a considerable collection of water bottles from plastic to metal ones, and each one is a perfect summer companion that will keep you hydrated and refreshed. 

The water bottle collection from Donati is as charming as it can be. It has a wide range of different bottles on the basis of design, type, material, and more. There is an excellent water bottle for everyone. Choose from a wide range of metal bottles, plastic bottles, and glass bottles and 100+ unique designs. Keep it refreshing and classy with the Market99 water bottle collection. 

Ice Cream Moulds

Summers are incomplete without some delicious ice cream, and nothing beats the deliciousness of homemade ice cream. Make something delicious for yourself with unique and fun ice cream moulds from Market99.

The ice cream mould has a unique and fun design that kids and adults absolutely love. Constructed with premium food grade plastic, these ice cream moulds are safe and reliable. They are uniquely designed and construct the most perfect looking ice cream without infiltrating the taste and quality.

Available in different shapes and sizes, these ice cream moulds are fun and adorable looking. They will be a perfect addition to any lazy summer afternoon or a cosy summer evening. 

Ice Tray

Always have ice on the go with a fabulous range of ice trays from Market99. A huge necessity and a must-have for every home, the ice trays from Market99 aren’t any ordinary ice trays.

These ice trays will give ice a unique shape and come in handy whenever you need to make your drinks more refreshing and cool. 


With such great options,  this summer is going to be fantastic for you. Check out for more incredible and unique products. 

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