Open-Plan Kitchen Ideas To Spruce Up Your Home 

Open-Plan Kitchen Ideas To Spruce Up Your Home 

Still, dreaming about that beautiful open-plan kitchen from Friends and Modern Family. Well, you can transform your kitchen the exact way. 

Open-plan kitchens are not a new phenomenon. They have been around for quite a long time. Over the years, their popularity has only grown bigger as it should because an open-plan kitchen is a perfect way to utilize space in your home.

So, if you are planning to combine your kitchen and living room into one beautiful space, then you are at the right spot because we have got some amazing ideas for you. 

Adapt Minimalism While Designing Your Kitchen

Minimalistic kitchen décor

Let start with the theme or type of design you want to go ahead with before you start combining the two most important spaces in your home. Well, our wonderful suggestion would be that you go with a minimalistic approach with your open-plan kitchen. 

There is already a lot going in your open-plan kitchen. So with a minimalist approach, you can tone it down a little. A minimalist kitchen is more aesthetically pleasing and calming than any other décor style. You can go ahead with some beautiful white decorative pieces like a contemporary style vase for some additional minimalistic charm. 

Keep It Always Lit With Natural or Artificial Lighting

Natural or Artificial Lighting

Whether natural or artificial, lighting is very important in an open-plan kitchen. It should be well lit in the kitchen and living room. If you have windows in your kitchen or living space then, it is very good for the overall aesthetic. But, if you don’t, then you have a great solution as well. Go for some decorative lamps or lights to bring the much-needed brightness to your kitchen. 

If you want to go for something different then, you can always go for some beautiful candlelight holders. They have their own unique charm and a beautiful aesthetic. 

Make Kitchen Practical & Living Space Comfy

Kitchen countertop

While redesigning your kitchen and living room, you need to understand the importance of both spaces, specifically, your requirements. You need your kitchen to be practical and your living space more comfortable, and needless to say, both will have to be stylish and chic. 

Keep some useful element to your kitchen countertops like a cutlery holder or chopping board. And when it comes to your living space, you just need to add some beautiful and comfortable furniture. 

Get Rid of Anything Extra & Unnecessary 

kitchen décor

There are certain things that you definitely need in your kitchen, and the same goes for your living room. Well, before combining both the rooms. Make sure you don’t have anything unnecessary covering the space. 

Declutter your kitchen counters and replace kitchen cupboards with drawers to organise your kitchen in a more elegant way. Keep your kitchen countertop clean and mess-free. You can use kitchen drawer organizer trays to make kitchen organization much better. Use only one or two decorative pieces; try not to go overboard. 


An open-plan kitchen will be the right decision for you. It will make your home more modish, stylish, and comfortable. All you need to do is follow these amazing ideas, and your kitchen will be the favourite part of your home. 


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