Modular Kitchen and Its Pros & Cons

Modular Kitchen and Its Pros & Cons - MARKET 99

The kitchen is one place where the entire family comes together not just to share food but also memories. Modular kitchens have become a popular concept among homeowners, not just because of their appearance but also their functionality. It's a concept that includes a modern kitchen furniture arrangement that is specifically created to maximise usefulness and space effectiveness. Like any other interior idea, it comes with its own pros and cons. Follow along to make the right choice for your interior.

The basic components of a modular kitchen are, 

  1. Cooktop and appliances with panelling across the space. 
  2. A concrete slab that is both durable and goes with the panels. 
  3. Electric chimney to keep the space ventilated and free of any grease. 

Pros and cons


  • A plethora of choices in terms of colour, design, furniture, appliances, etc. There are so many various colours, finishes, shapes, and materials available for modular kitchens. A modular kitchen is pre-fabricated and offers diversity, so once you make your selection, the pieces will be created for you.
  • Space efficiency- One of the major ideas behind a modular kitchen is space-saving. They can be customised to fit your area and frequently include space-saving features like corner racks and unused drawers.
  • Every element is made to last from crockery units in modular kitchens to the wood used in cabinets. Numerous kitchen companies will last you a lifetime, albeit a lot depends on your budget and their level of quality. If the typical core material is high-grade plywood or MDF that can withstand boiling water and won't bend or warp over time.
  • A modular kitchen offers multiple designs to match your aesthetic. The majority of modular kitchens have a very sleek, contemporary style, and their sections aid in decluttering, keeping your kitchen appearing tidy and clean all the time, or perhaps most of the time. However, there are modular kitchens that can be created with classic finishing, more antique aesthetics, or rustic finishing if you have more traditional aesthetic leanings. 
  • It is comparatively easier to maintain hygiene in a modular kitchen as it's easier to clean with its waterproof slabs and its straightforward design. Additionally, they are made such that every nook and cranny can be reached, making them incredibly simple to maintain and clean. The skirting and other accessories of a modular kitchen can be quickly removed to enable complete cleaning or repair because these systems are virtually fully foldable.


  • More on the expensive side- In general, modular kitchens do wind up costing more than a traditional kitchen build, primarily due to all the unique components. You want a beautiful and useful kitchen, but the cost might vary greatly depending on the materials you select. Some people are happy to spend the money to make their area feel luxurious and lovely, while others might not want to spend a fortune on a kitchen.
  • Due to its intricate design and modern look, a modular kitchen tends to be a little more delicate than other kitchen types. Consider solid wood, steel, and other options that are constructed as a single structural unit if you want a kitchen that will last for generations and withstand heavy use.
  • High maintenance- As it tends to be expensive to construct a modular kitchen, one might consider it high maintenance. It includes various pieces and elements, including hinges, wheels, and racks. It's more likely that these components may break down over time and need replacement. However, the advantage of this method is that it should be relatively simple to replace the pieces because they are easily accessible.


As mentioned earlier, like every other type of kitchen, a modular kitchen has its own pros and cons. All these pros and cons are not prerequisites and can be moulded according to your choices and needs. Regardless of what you decide, Market99 has it all, from modular kitchen station items to traditional kitchen items. 


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