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Oh, the bliss of summer! After a long and dreadful winter, summer is finally here, and so are those amazing summer parties. Whether you are hosting a barbeque, a fun-filled pool party, or a little bit of both, this summer is a little more special, so you need to bring your A-game and host the perfect summer party.

Last two summers, we all spent time within our home, which was relaxing, but not fun for any of us. So this year, it is your turn to bring back summer, its long-lost glory. So bring out your party hats and invite all your vaccinated friends (Its still pandemic!) for the perfect summer party.

Here is everything you need for your perfect party at Market99 at the most affordable prices. 

Straw Set

For a delicious drink, a straw is a must. But do not go for ordinary plastic straws. For fun and colourful drinks, you need these fun and colourful straws. They feature a not so ordinary design with fun shapes of animals and fruits.

It will be an amazing addition to your cool and refreshing drinks. This amazing straw set will surely impress your guests. 

Mason Jars

Are you considering serving your guests some amazing drinks like Mojitos, lemonades, and classic cocktails? Then it would be best if you had these amazing and trendy mason jars to complement them. There are so many options available for you to choose from.

These amazing jars have premium glass constructions and metal straws. They look elegant, fun, and a great addition to any fun party. 

Napkins & Napkin Holders

Parties can be messy; the mess is inevitable with great foods and hard-to-pass drinks. That is why you always need some napkins at your disposal. You need to make your guests feel comfortable, and napkins and tissue can be a simple yet effective addition.

With lots of napkins, you also need an elegant and stylish napkin holder. Finally, you need a perfect way to present tissues and napkins to your guests. This small addition to your party can go a long way in hosting the perfect party.


Your party should feel like a party and look like a party, especially if your party is scheduled at night, and be clear the breezy summer night is perfect for a fun party. There are so many great options for party decorations when it comes to decorations for a party.

Go for some beautiful string lights to create the perfect party ambience, or you can go for a cinematic lightbox. Then, you can use that lightbox to create a simple and joyful greeting. 

Barbeque Grill

A great party is incomplete without great food. So this amazing portable barbeque grill can be a fun part of party activities. With the help of this amazing barbeque grill, you can serve your guests some delicious dishes like BBQ chicken, grilled fish, burgers etc.

This barbeque grill is portable and easy to use. It will be a fun thing to do during your ultimate summer celebrations. 

Serving Bowls

Ditch those harmful for the environment disposable bowls and plates. Instead, you need some stunning and elegant serveware. Something like these amazing serving bowls. They will elevate the overall look of your dish with their charming and elegant design and premium construction. 

Serving Trays

To present your serving bowls with elegance, you need an elegant looking serving tray. It is charming and wonderfully beautiful. It will surely leave a lasting impression in the minds of guests.


Now you have everything you need for a fun and joyful summer celebration. So start planning, and do let us know, what else makes up for a sweet and relaxing summer party.

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