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To style your home, you need to bring out the interior designer in you, as there is one in everyone.

Well, being an interior designer for your home is not an easy job, but it is quite a possible one. You just need to get all the information you can get to start decorating your dream home.

For starters, you need to know that every room in a home has its own aura and personality. Therefore, you need to decorate it accordingly. If you are feeling lost, do not worry, we are here to help you at every step.

Here are some home décor hacks for every room in your home.

Living Room 

Living Room Décor

The most important space in any home, the living room, deserves your undivided attention while decorating and styling. It is the first, and most of the time, the only room people check out. It sets out the expectation for your entire home.

So while designing your living room, remember, do not go overboard. You need it to be simple and elegant. For example, go for some beautiful planters and pots for a natural and spacious feel.

You can also go for some beautiful decorative floating decorative bowls for a royal feel, or you can go with some elegant candles. Moreover, if your sofa set looks incomplete, it is probably because it needs a beautiful addition of an ottoman.

It is all up to your style and taste. After all, your living room should display your personality as well.


Bedroom Decor

Your bedroom is the place where you are most comfortable. You would want it to be a representation of your style for your own comfort. That is what you need to remember while designing your bedroom.

Remember, your bedroom should be a perfect combination of modern aesthetics and personal comfort. You can decorate it with indoor plants, flowers, and herbs. Choose a beautiful planter from a wide variety available on Market 99. You can grow any plant of your choice and likings to make your bedroom naturally comforting.

Go for something elegant and calming. Try to use less bright and dominating colours like red and orange. Instead, go for calming and cool colours like white or light blue. Your choice of colours will have a huge effect on your mood and emotions.

Kitchen & Dining Room 

Kitchen Decor

Once you are done with the bedroom, now it's time to move to the kitchen. It is that one place where all the magic happens. Moreover, it's the one room that is the toughest to maintain.

Your kitchen space is never enough. No matter how big it is, you always feel that it needs to be bigger and better. That is because you don't know how to organise and store your kitchen & dining necessities. You need big and beautiful storage jars and containers. They are an elegant and sophisticated way to store all kitchen essentials.

After you have solved the storage problems, you can go ahead with your kitchen décor. You can decorate with beautiful wall plaques that will perfectly capture the essence of the kitchen. While redesigning your kitchen, remember to give usability and style equal attention.


Bathroom Decor

Do not forget about your bathroom, as it is as important as other spaces in your home. Make it look elegant and sophisticated as well. Start by adding a beautiful and charming bathroom set that includes a soap dispenser and toothbrush holder. You can give the bathroom a more organised and clean look with these kinds of items.

You need to make sure your cleaning products and brushes stay away from the eyes, as they are very unpleasant looking. For that, you need a beautiful toilet brush with a holder.

Also, add some bathroom mats to keep your bathroom clean and dry. You don’t need a lot of things for amazing bathroom décor.

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While starting with redecorating or styling your home, these small and important details will help you a lot. Moreover, to get more elegant ways to redecorate your home, visit market99.com.

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