Home Décor 101: Baskets Are Must For Every Home

Home Décor 101: Baskets Are Must For Every Home - MARKET 99

The wonderful relationship between humans and baskets dates back centuries. Well, they have always been a perfect addition to our life in some way or another. But in 2021, they have become the trendiest décor piece. 

Baskets are wonderful in many ways. They have become an essential part of the kitchen, living room, bathroom, and other rooms in a home. 

Well, if you haven’t caught up to this latest trend, then you should, because they are perfect for every home. Here is why you need to add baskets to your home décor. 

Perfect Storing Solution


The first and foremost use of a basket is for providing a perfect storing solution. Baskets can be a storage solution that you would want to show off. Because they are not meant to be hidden away in some closet, they are aesthetically pleasing storing solutions that you should definitely flaunt. 

Keep them in your living to store remotes, books, and personal care accessories in style. You can keep it in the kitchen to organise and store fruits and vegetables. It can be used as a storage unit for other rooms in your home. 

Baskets make supplies easy to carry and move. They also provide an elegant way to store them as well.

For a chic and natural look

Basket for storage

Apart from being an amazing storage solution, baskets can just be beautiful décor pieces. They have a natural feel to them. They can bring that beautiful natural feel to any space. 

Whether you use them for storing and organising or just as a décor piece, baskets can give any space in your home that natural look you always wanted. It goes perfectly in minimalistic style homes that can use something chic and aesthetically pleasing.       

Style it with some books, vases, and candles for a completely natural and aesthetically pleasing look. 

Add Some More Style To Your Houseplant

Green Plants in Basket

As we said earlier, baskets have a natural feel and appeal to them. Well, if you are looking for something that can make your natural houseplants more beautiful and elegant looking. Then you can always use some beautiful baskets to store them.

Use baskets to make your indoor plants easy to move and store. Baskets will also give a more natural and authentic touch to your entire indoor plant collection. You can always use some beautiful flowers with a basket to give your living room a more natural and sophisticated look. 

Perfect For Every Bathroom

Baskets & Clothes

When it comes to the bathroom, a little touch of style and accessibility goes a long way. You can always use them to keep your bath towels and personal care accessories organised and easy to access. 

Bamboo or wooden baskets can get easily damaged in the bathroom. That is why you should go with plastic or metallic wired baskets as they will last longer. There are plastic baskets available on Market 99 that will look a lot like wooden baskets. You can get that natural and unique aesthetic of wooden baskets with the durability and reliability of plastic baskets. 


Well, now you know why baskets are a must for every home. You can be very creative while using them for decorations. They are very affordable as well, especially the ones available at Market99


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