Why We Celebrate Valentine's Day and How To Make It Special

Why We Celebrate Valentine's Day and How To Make It Special - MARKET99

Do you know about the most romantic day?

Obviously, it's Valentine's Day! It is celebrated on 14th February every year. On this day, people express their love for their partners by bringing chocolates, gifts, and roses. A special gift or a surprise defines and showcases their feelings for their close ones. The not too cold but romantic weather of February also becomes an icing on the cake. Valentine's Day is truly the day when love is in the air and people express how madly they are in love. The motive behind celebration of this day is to make sure that one’s partner feels special on that day.

But one might also change the idea of having a Valentine. It is not necessary that only a romantic partner like a girlfriend or boyfriend can be your valentine. It can be anyone whom you have loved like your Mom, Dad, Brother, Sister, or even your Dog. This day is celebrated by young and old couples, alike, and in different ways.

February is also the month of love and many people also approach their crushes in this month. On this day, two hearts can become one for the first time. People who are in long distance relationship also get a chance to see their loved ones after a long time.

Valentine's Day Week List 2024

Valentine Day Week

Week Day Name

Rose Day 2024

February 7th (Wednesday)

Propose Day 2024

February 8th (Thursday)

Chocolate Day 2024

February 9th (Friday)

Teddy Day 2024

February 10th (Saturday)

Promise Day 2024

February 11th (Sunday)

Hug Day 2024

February 12th (Monday)

Kiss Day 2024

February 13th (Tuesday)

Valentine’s Day 2024

February 14th (Wednesday)

What is the history behind Valentine's Day?

This day originated from a Christian feast day and it was celebrated in the honour a Christian martyr named Saint Valentine. Saint Valentine was a Roman saint who was a Bishop in the Roman Empire. Saint Valentine was famous for performing clandestine Christian weddings for those soldiers who were forbidden to marry. According to the rules of Roman emperor Claudius II, soldiers were forbidden to grow their family. The reason behind this rule was that the Emperor thought that married men will not be able to make good soldiers.

Most Roman soldiers recognised Saint Valentine because of his ring. Saint Valentine wore a purple amethyst ring and due to this Roman soldiers asked him to perform the marriage for them. However, this act caused the death of Saint Valentine. The emperor Claudius II ordered his execution on 14th February and this incident happened in the 3rd century. Valentine was arrested and the emperor had him beaten to death and after that, his head was cut off.

Saint Valentine’s name became famous in society for organising love ceremonies for people who are in love. People remember him as he died for love and he is known as the symbol of love. He took the initiative to make sure that two loved ones are not separated because of any kind of draconian rules and regulations. This is the history that defines the importance of love and how hard it was for Roman soldiers to get married to their loved ones. Further, martyrdom was honoured by the Catholic Church and they celebrated St. Valentine's Day. While the story is a tragic one, people remember and celebrate Saint Valentine martyrdom as love day.

Why do people celebrate Valentine's Day as the day of love?

In the middle ages, people from France and England thought that February 14 is celebrated as Valentine’s Day because this is the mating season for birds and the idea has been carry forwarded to humans. This is how the idea of a day for romance that defines Valentine’s Day in the present day came about. Most people think that this day will be celebrated by only couples. In most countries, it is celebrated as the day of love between romantic couples to express their feelings to each other. However, on this day, people can express their love for their loved ones. All kinds of love should be celebrated on this day. It can be for their parents and siblings or pets.

How to celebrate Valentine's Day?

There is no fixed way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Different people from different parts of the world have different kinds of cultures and practices that they follow to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Many your people celebrate their Valentine's Day by sending cards or letters. Moreover, they send gifts and chocolates with flowers to their loved ones. They also arrange a date and meals with their loved ones in restaurants or cafes. On the other hand, many well earning adults think about offering expensive gifts such as jewellery or watches to their sweethearts on this occasion.

How to make your loved ones happy this Valentine's Day?

  • Bring chocolates and gifts for them that they like the most.
  • Make sure that your date is as perfect as Messi scoring a goal in the World Cup.
  • Plan a surprise date for your partner and take them to their favourite places.
  • You should know about their favourite flavour of ice cream and or (hmmm) lollipop.
  • A movie date can be a perfect plan to come physically and emotionally close to each other.
  • A long drive and a secret trip with your favourite person will help you both to spend some quality time with each other.
  • A bouquet of roses can make a girl feel very special and this is surely a way to her heart.
  • Bring more and more food for a foodie girlfriend so that she can feel assured that her weight doesn't matter to you.
  • A pendant with a name is the best example that a loyal girlfriend can give to her boyfriend.

Here are some suggestions for long-distance couples

It can be hard for you but not impossible because we know the importance of you meeting your beloved partner after a long time. The gaze of their eyes towards you defines the importance of love between you and your partner. A surprise visit can change their feelings and emotions. A surprise visit is one of the best things that a person can do to express their feelings towards their loved ones. Along with the visit, bringing gifts, chocolates and flowers can be the best gift for your beloved partner, this Valentine's Day.

Such a visit is not limited to your beloved partner like your girlfriend or your boyfriend. Many people do these kinds of visits to surprise their parents. These all are things that can make your day special because this is the day for most people to wait for. This day is not about gifting expensive jewellery or clothes but the motive is to express your feelings, care, and most importantly your love to your favourite person in the world. A hug, a cute message, doing late-night talks, and surprise gifts can mean a lot to a person whom they adore and love. These all are the ideas that can help you to win a heart of your crush, wife, girlfriend, husband, and boyfriend, who is living afar from you.

Valentine Day Calender For Next 5 Year Dates

 1.  Valentine Day 2025  14 Feb 2025  Friday
 2.  Valentine Day 2026  14 Feb 2026  Saturday
 3.  Valentine Day 2027  14 Feb 2027  Sunday
 4.  Valentine Day 2028  14 Feb 2028  Monday
 5.  Valentine Day 2029  14 Feb 2029  Tuesday


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