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When it comes to the holiday season, we look forward to shopping! We purchase items to decorate our home, redecorate our office space or send gifts to our loved ones. In such situations, people often cut down on the budget, assuming the prices of new furniture, kitchen equipment, organisers, wall decor, etc., must be high.

If you are one of those, you don't have to sacrifice anything to make your home and loved one's smile look beautiful. With our happy New year sale 2023, you can get everything from our online portal at great prices. Scroll down to know more about our outgoing sales and how you can avail of these New Year offers on your desired products.

Market99 New Year Sale

the sale will start on the first of January, 2023. This fantastic New Year's sale involves some incredible deals and discounts. Get a 10% discount on orders of 1499 or more. Shop as much as you want and save even more with coupon code SHOP2023. This offer is open to everyone and there is no order limit. That is, you can shop for any amount and receive an instant 10% discount. This coupon is valid on all products listed in each collection.

But that's not all! We have something more for you to know! If you shop from our website, you can also get a heavy discount of up to 60% just by putting the items in your cart! Let me explain how this works. Our New Year sale offers you to buy any products from our website with up to a 60% price slash.

To be a smart shopper, you can also add all your purchases to the cart, keep it above the price of 1499/-, and voila, now you are entitled to get a 60% +10% discount on your purchases. Isn't it amazing! Now let's move on to the categories in which we offer these mind-boggling offers and discounts.

More About Market99's Happy New Year Sale 2023

 As mentioned earlier, you can avail of these New year offers and discounts on all kinds of products on our website. However, if you are a newbie and visiting our website for the first time, then let us give you a brief intro about ourselves and our product line.

Market99 is an eCommerce website offering customers to purchase products online and deliver them to their doorstep. Our online store consists of all kinds of home care, skin care, kitchen decor, home decor, bathroom decor and more such products. You will also find different types of furniture, home accessories, gift items, stationery and more. So, let us dig into each of the categories and see what kinds of products you may see and get a discount on during our happy New Year sale of 2023.

Kitchen & Dining - We believe that the kitchen is one of the most important places in a home. This is why we have come up with a range of products that will help you make your kitchen a more efficient and organised place to cook your meals. Some of them are oil dispensers, cutlery, kitchen tools, printed jars, cups, fruit baskets, napkin holders and more.

Gift & Decor - Decor is as important as anything else in a living or working space. It helps to keep the home interesting, creative and a brighter place to live in. On our online store, you can find items like artificial plants, vases, paintings, lanterns, table decor, mirrors, decorative boxes, candles, candle holders, wind chimes, dream catchers and more.

Health & Beauty - While our home is a place for our body, the body is a place for our soul. So, it's very important to keep it healthy and happy. You can find items like Shampoo, conditioner, face wash, oral care, perfume, soaps and so on. This category also includes organisers to keep your bathroom, drawers and dressing tables well organised and clean.

Home Accessories - The home decor is not only limited to fancy paintings and cutlery, it is also about keeping everything neat, clean and in its place. That's why we have curated a series of products which will help you make every nook and corner of your home nice to look at. This category holds items like hangers, hooks, tin boxes, clothespins, jewellery organisers, small drawers, mountable shelves, laundry bags, pill cases, first aid boxes and more.

Our team is working towards expanding the categories and making Market99 a one-stop shop for all your shopping needs. If you are not able to find your desired products above, you can also put the name of the product directly into the search bar, to see whether it's in stock or not. On top of that, you can also check out the master category, i.e. the all-collection tab.

You can avail of our amazing New year offers on all the products mentioned above (also the ones listed on our website). Now, let us show how you can avail our offers without any hassle.

Steps to Avail of our New Year Offer

Well, punching in an offer is not rocket science. Most of us already know how to put in a code and avail discounts. But for those who are new to the concept, let us dig into the steps on how to apply a coupon for the extra 10% off.

Step 1 - Explore our website and put everything you like in the cart.

Market99 Website

Step 2- When you are done with the selection, you can visit the cart and see if the value is above 1499 or not. If it is, then you are eligible for the discount.

Step 3 - Fill in your contact info, shipping details and more. After all this, you will find a small tab with an apply button on the side. Add SHOP2023 into the bar and click on the apply button.

Market99 Discount "SHOP2023"

Congratulations! Your discount has been applied and now you have saved 10% on your bill. You can use these steps to apply any outgoing offer that we run on our website.

What are you waiting for? The article has come to an end, so now you can go to our shopping section and fulfil your festive needs with Market99.



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