8 Market 99 Products That You Will Find Useful Around The House 

Your home is your very own little heaven in this big bad world. You want it to be filled with everything that makes your life more comfortable and complete. For some it is a dream and for some a full fledged reality. 

To transform this dream into a reality, you want everything but within your budget, and that is very much possible with Market 99. You can get everything that can transform your home and can make it more comforting and easy to live in this single place. 

But what are those things that can really make a difference in your life adds a sense of comfort and practicality. Well, this very crucial question has been answered. Because we have compiled a list of some amazing products that you will find useful around the house. 

Additional Drawers

Some things are never enough, like drawers. No matter how many of those you have in your home, you will need more and more. Well, we have a perfect solution for that.

This amazing drawer will help you store, organise, and sort your personal accessories and belongings. It provides a much needed extra storing space. 

Cloth Hanger with Pegs 

A huge pile of clothes is one of the most unpleasant sights in any home. Well, if your bedroom or living room also has similar unpleasant distractions, then this amazing clothes hanger with pegs is something that you definitely need. 

Organise and dry out your freshly washed clothes with the help of this amazing clothes hanger with pegs. It is an amazing solution that is a must for every home. 

Laundry Basket

Do your laundry without any hassle with this amazing laundry basket. It has three compartments, each dedicated shades of clothes, coloured, dark, and light. It will make it easier for you to do laundry with even a huge pile of clothes. 


Self Adhesive Hooks 

For people who live in a rented home but want to make themselves feel at home or for people who simply don’t want to ruin their walls, these self adhesive hooks are a perfect choice. 
Each hook has a self adhesive back that makes them easy to install without the help of any hammer or nails. So you can hang anything on your wall without damaging them.

Bag Clips 

Couldn’t finish your favourite snack, but don’t want it to go to waste, well then get these amazing bag clips to keep them fresh. Prevent your snacks from getting soggy and stale by locking their freshness with help of these bag clips. 

Memo Board With Marker

Do you keep forgetting your due dates of your bills or the cooking essentials you need to refill. Well then you need this amazing memo board with markers to set reminders. It features a white board and a marker to note down important things, and a calendar, so that you are always updated. 

Ziploc Bags 

These ziploc bags are the perfect kitchen tool. They are  suitable for storing food items and leftovers. They will help you keep them fresh and will make them easy to carry. It is a must for you if you always end up with tons of leftover food. 


All of these products are specially chosen to keep only two things in mind, your comfort and their practicality. You can find more such product that will be very useful around the house. 

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