8 Different Types Of Coffee Mugs & Cups

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Nothing is more mesmerising for a caffeine lover than holding their favourite coffee mug with freshly brewed coffee. Not just caffeine, from shakes to your last cup of warm milk; every drink needs a companion with handles! This is why we are here with types of cups and mugs you'll like.

So, if you love to collect mugs or are just looking for one that can get you through a rough day, read further. Your day is about to improve because we have compiled a list of eight different types of coffee mugs & cups you love to have in your life. Scroll through the article to learn about categories and fun facts about different materials

Ceramic Coffee Mugs

While shopping for a coffee mug, you'll come across different types of cup materials. But, the high chances are that the mug would be made of ceramic. Ceramic mugs are not only common but also quite popular these days. Unlike other mugs, they are easy to maintain and durable, making them an ideal choice for all the drinks and beverages to pore. Also, the material used to make these mugs is quite flexible, resulting in the availability of many shapes, sizes and colours. 

At our online portal, you can explore a variety of ceramic mugs for your daily sipping. You can see tall mugs, small cups, tea cups, travel mugs and more made of ceramic.

Glass Coffee Mugs 

Tall glass mugs are all about the modish look. They have a stylish appeal, making them ideal for showcasing your talent as a "coffee artist." So, if you want to open a barista or make your home one for your guest, then go for a beautiful glass coffee mug. 

Coming to our collection of glass mugs, we have it all. We have solid and elegant clear glass cups for those who love to see every layer of their drinks. On the other hand, if you are into prints, or want your cup appealing for the kids, then you can go for different forms of mugs and cups decorated with adorable prints. From flowers and strawberries to quirky quotes, you'll see many stylish prints on our collection of glass mugs.

Stainless Steel Mugs 

Strongest of all, these mugs are made to sustain for longer. Stainless steel mugs are reliable, durable, and breakage free. Thus, if you have a soft corner for your cutlery, you can use stainless steel mugs.

However, the qualities of the mugs are not limited to their durability. They also do a great job retaining the temperature of your hot/cold beverage. Now, you can enjoy your drink longer without losing its beautiful touch. 

At our online portal, you can browse through different types of cups and mugs made of stainless steel. You can either go for single tall ones or the short ones that come in a pack of two, four and six.

Melamine Mugs 

When you hear the word melamine, we are definitely sure that a big culinary set will instantly pop into your head. But plates and bowls are not the only things made with melamine. Melamine mugs are excellent if you are searching for something lightweight. Nevertheless, being a lightweight material does not stop it from being more durable, stylish and long-lasting than other cups and mugs. 

Thus, you can find different types of mugs and cups that will perfectly complement your home decor and even your cutlery sets!

Espresso Cups

The tiniest of the bunch, espresso cups are designed for your strong caffeine needs. They are perfect for drinking one or two-shot espresso. They are much smaller in size than usual coffee mugs and cups. One espresso cup usually has a storage capacity of around 150 mL. 

So, if you are one of those, who like to kick start their day with a shot of espresso, then we have a great collection for you to explore! These cups are made of different types of materials like ceramic, melamine, stainless steel, and more.

Travel Mugs

Travel mugs are the perfect companion for people who enjoy their beverages while travelling. You will find all kinds of travel mugs and cups online, but do they all have the qualities to stand by your side when you are on the go? 

We can't say anything about others, but with the market99 collection, you can get different types of mugs with all the good qualities. Most of our cups have stainless steel lining, which helps regulate temptation. Also, they have amazing features, including a secure lid and temperature retention. If you want something more, then you can choose from our collection of ceramic travel mugs.

Stoneware Mugs 

Do you still miss the cups and mugs you used to have as a kid? Well, bring back those childhood memories with our special stoneware mug. While going through our collection, you'll see an amazing cutwork design and a beautiful stoneware finish. Also, you can get different types of cups and mugs, like coffee, tea, and more, made from classic material. 

If you are wondering what makes stone a special item, you must know that stone is the first material used to make cutlery, tools and everything else for their survival


This one is a lot similar to a travel mug. Tumblers are generally tall mugs with lids. Since they have a large storage capacity, they are an excellent choice if you work from home or take your kids out to the playground. It has a secure lid and gives you the advantage of drinking coffee on the go. And depending on the shape and style, many tumblers also come with custom-made straws. 

On our online portal, you can see Tumblers made of ceramic, plastic and other trustworthy materials. Also, the straws and lids are made of durable and non-toxic material, making them very safe for kids. 

We are at the end of the article, so now it's time for you to check out the cups and mugs we carry on our website. Apart from our listed categories, you'll get amazing mugs and cups on Market 99. So go ahead and grab your favourite one before it runs out!


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