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A caffeine lover would definitely say that there is nothing more beautiful and amazing than a coffee mug or cup. Well, they are certainly not wrong because they are indeed amazing. 

With so much variety available in the market and on online shopping portals, you never stop getting more and more of them. Some love classy solid design, and some love those quirky prints. But we all love some warm coffee in a comfortable and stylish mug. 

So if you are someone who loves collecting mugs or just looking for one that can get you through awful Monday mornings, then read further because we have compiled a list of eight different types of coffee mugs & cups you love to have in your home. 

Ceramic Coffee Mugs 

While shopping for a coffee mug, if you randomly choose one, the chances are that mug is a ceramic one. Ceramic mugs are common throughout the world. The reason can be that they are more nice looking, safe, or affordable. 

Well, if you are looking for a comfortable and classic coffee mug, then go for a ceramic one as its perfect choice. 

Glass Coffee Mugs 

These ones are all about style and a modish look. Glass coffee mugs are perfect if you want to look at all the layers of your coffee. They have a very stylish appeal to them. 

So if you want to make a unique style statement while drinking your coffee, then go for a beautiful glass coffee mug. 

Stainless Steel Mugs 

This one is the strongest of them all. Stainless steel mugs are reliable, durable, and breakage free. They do a great job of retaining the temperature of your coffee for longer.

They come with a lot of variations you can choose from, like some with lids and other different kinds of handles. 

Melamine Mugs 

Melamine mugs are perfect for you if you want something lightweight. Although most of them have the feel and look of a ceramic mug, they are still way stronger than that. 

Melamine is a strong material. Hence, the mugs made of melamine are durable and breakage resistant. The best thing about it is that they are a much more affordable option than other ones on the list. 

Espresso Cups

The tiniest of the bunch, espresso cups are designed for a specific type of coffee. They are perfect for drinking one or two-shot espresso. They are a lot smaller in size in comparison to usual coffee mugs and cups. One espresso cup usually has a storage capacity of around 150 mL. 

Travel Mugs

For people who like to drink their coffee on the go, travel mugs are the perfect companion. The majority of travel mugs are made of stainless steel. Some of them are also made of ceramic.

It has all the features that make it perfect for travelling. These amazing features include a secure lid and temperature retention. 

Stoneware Mugs 

If you want to go for some old school aesthetics, then a stoneware mug is the marvellous choice. It mostly features an amazing cutwork design along with a beautiful stoneware finishing. 


This one is a lot similar to a travel mug. It has a secure lid and gives you the advantage of drinking coffee on the go. Tumblers are most commonly made of ceramic, and the lid being silicone or plastic. It has a large storing capacity and can be a great alternative to travel mugs.


Now you have all the information that you require about coffee mugs. There are some more amazing mugs and cups you can find on Market 99. So go ahead and grab your favourite one. 

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