7 Exquisite & Unique Housewarming Gift Ideas

Choosing a housewarming gift for someone is quite a difficult task. There are a lot of things you need to consider before selecting the perfect housewarming gift.

It is a tough spot, as you do not want to be that person who didn’t bring a gift for the new nesters or someone who gave the worst one. 

In situations like this, you always wish for someone's guidance or decisions. Well, your wish has been fulfilled as we have answers to all your queries. 

Here are seven exquisite and unique housewarming gifts that your host will definitely appreciate. 


A Charming Vase

Flower Vase

An elegant and aesthetically pleasing vase is the first choice for many people as a housewarming gift. Well, because it is safe, as well as an ideal choice for anyone who is settling in a new home.  

Gift a stylish and charming vase to your host and let them appreciate your unique and wonderful taste. A vase from the latest collection of home décor items from Market 99 is perfect for any home with a contemporary style home.


Oil Paintings By Professional Artists

Oil Paintings By Professional Artists

Most people appreciate the beauty and complexity of modern artwork. Moreover, paintings are a perfect way to bring that complexity and beauty into your home. That is what makes handmade paintings a perfect housewarming gift. 

Get a unique and beautiful painting, which is specially hand-painted by a professional artist. It will be a very unusual as well as a thoughtful gift for your hosts. 

A Classic Wall Clock 

Wall Clock

Well, every house needs a wall clock. They are less of a décor piece and more of a home necessity. That is why a wall clock is a perfect gift for a housewarming party. 

Gift your host a piece of timeless beauty and modern technology. Choose a classic wall clock from the latest wall clock collection of market.com will perfectly complement any home décor. It has all the elements of a perfect wall clock. It has a silent timekeeping mechanism and an antique design. 


Modish Table Lamp

Table Lamp

Another beautiful home décor piece is a beautiful and modern table lamp. It is an affordable yet exquisite housewarming gift that will make any ambience more beautiful and elegant looking. 

It is a perfect example of quality and beauty with its amazing design and durable build. A lot of things make these amazing table lamps an ideal housewarming gift. 


House Shaped Key Holder 

Key House

No gift can be better than this amazing house-shaped keyholder. It is elegant looking and perfectly matches the concept of housewarming gifts. This beautiful piece will definitely impress your host. 

If you want to give something valuable to your host then, this astounding house-shaped key holder is a perfect choice for you. It will make keys accessible and easy to find for the new homeowners. 


Unique Indoor Planter

Unique Indoor Planter

Plants have always been an appropriate gifting option for housewarming parties. Because they radiate positive and vibrant energy but, they are tough to carry or get gift wrap. So, why not give your host a beautiful planter, which gives them an elegant way to grow their choice of plant. 

The latest collection of Market 99 includes some uniquely designed indoor planters. Each of them is unique and beautiful, perfect for any housewarming party as a gift. 

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Bohemian Wind Chime

Unique Indoor Planter

Gift calmness and serenity to your friends and closed ones with an amazing wind chime. Market 99 has a unique and amazing collection of wind chimes. They produce a soulful and mellow sound that will leave your hosts spellbound. 

Designed with excellent quality material and great details, this wind chime will be a perfect housewarming gift


While choosing a gift, you need to put your undivided attention and thoughts, as it somehow represents the importance the receiver has in your life. Each of these products is chosen with great consideration and according to the latest trends and customer opinions. 

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