7 Amazing Tips To Style Your Coffee Table

A coffee table is the centre of attraction in any living room. It can create the perfect styling on point. All you have to do is to understand how you can decorate it according to your décor style. 

Decorating and styling a coffee table is not a cinch. Decorate it in a way that it perfectly complements the rest of the décor in your living room. With a beautiful style coffee table, you can easily elevate the overall style quotient of your living. 

Well, if you are clueless about this as much as most people, then we have the perfect solution for you. Here are seven amazing tips that will help you style your coffee table.

An elegant vase


A beautiful vase can easily transform any space and make it more classy and sophisticated. Complete your coffee table with an elegant looking ceramic vase with the addition of some beautiful and colourful flowers. 

It will give your coffee table a more sophisticated and elegant look. Style this elegant vase the way you want with flowers or different elements. 

Coffee Table Books

Coffee table book

Whether you are an avid reader or not, books can make up for the perfect style statement on your coffee table. Coffee table books, aka cocktail books, are specifically for adding a sense of style to the living room area. 

You can use them to give your living room the perfect sense of style as well as a classic look. These books are perfect as a conversation starter or just for passing the time. 

Candles and Candleholders

For a cosy and comfortable ambience, candles can be the perfect addition to a living room coffee table. You can use scented candles to make it even more cosy and comforting. 

In order to take your style game to the next level, you can use a beautiful and charming candle holder. They will add some more charm and elegance to the entire collection of things. 

Baskets at the bottom

The bottom part of a coffee table isn’t for storing random household things. It can be styled in a way to make it an amazing storing solution as well as a unique style statement. Use baskets at the bottom part of your coffee table.

You can use the basket for keeping your remotes, books, blankets etc. It will not only give your coffee table chic style but an elegant look as well. 

Colourful decorative objects

Even though elegant and minimalistic colours like white and baby blue are in trend, your coffee table can always use a touch of fun and vibrant colours. Decorate your coffee table with colourful and unique decorative objects for a versatile style statement. 

Multipurpose Trays

Another way to add a perfect mix of style and practicality is through a multipurpose tray. With a natural look and classic rectangular design, they are a must for every table. 

Style your coffee table with a multipurpose tray for an organised and elegant look. You can use it to declutter your coffee table. 

Artificial Plant for a mess-free table

Ending the list with the most beautiful addition for your coffee table, an artificial plant is perfect for adding a touch of natural colours. It is a better alternative than a vase or an actual table plant, as it won’t leave any dead leaves or water spots. 


Now, styling your coffee table is the easiest thing to do. Follow these amazing tips to style your coffee table in the best possible way. 

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