Top 10 Market 99 Nifty Home Items Under ₹900

It isn’t necessary that you have to empty your pockets to style your home. At Market 99, there are tons of affordable home items that you can get for less than ₹900.

From home décor to home care accessories, these items range from different prices to different designs. Market 99 brings a perfect combination of modern styles and affordability at your fingertips. 

Get these exclusive home items without spending a fortune. This list is a go to for month end crunch.

Artificial Flower Plants

Artificial Flower Plant

Plants are perfect for adding a touch of vibrancy and colours to any space. But, if your busy schedule stops you from taking care of plants, then these artificial plants are perfect for you. 

They are lifelike and vibrant, and they possess unique refreshing energy. With excellent quality construction, these plants are a rare combination of affordability and high-end quality.

Contemporary Style Vase

Contemporary Style Vase Yellow

Give your home a sophisticated and modish ambience with this contemporary style vase. It has a unique embossed design that will surely grab eyeballs. 

This chic and stylish vase is very pocket friendly as well. Its contemporary design does give people a false idea of it being expensive. It is manufactured using the highest quality materials and preeminent colours.

Self Adhesive Hooks

Self Adhesive Hooks

If you want to give your home a sophisticated and classy look, then you have to focus on even the smallest details. Long gone those days when people used to operate nails and hammer to hang things on walls. These are simpler times with innovative ways to decorate homes.

These self adhesive hooks are perfect for modern style homes. They can hold a huge amount of weight with ease and they keep the wall smooth and all new.

Trinket Box

Storage Box

Perfect for storing jewellery and other similar items, this trinket box is a stylish storing solution. It features an astonishing design and modern look. 

This stylish trinket box has a charming appeal to it. It is affordable but has that expensive look. Made with high-quality tin, it is also strong and enduring. It is a must for storing anything with style and elegance.

Key House Shaped Key Holder

When it comes to inexpensive home items, what is better than  a key holder that represents a home. This house shaped key holder provides you a perfect to make keys accessible and presentable. 

It has an elegant colour and eye-catching house shaped design. It also works as a charming decor piece.

Tissue Box

Tissue Box

Get an elegant way to store and present tissue papers with an affordable yet stylish tissue box. It is reliable yet aesthetically pleasing as each Market 99 product is manufactured with excellent quality materials and under expert supervision. It has a perfect size that is appropriate for all kinds of tissues and napkins.

Decorative Lamp

Decoative Lamp

Add a sense of elegant style and modern aesthetics to your home with this beautiful decorative lamp. It is charming, expensive looking, yet pocket friendly.

Just like other Market 99 products, this one as well is designed by a professional. That is why it has that voguish and elegant look. Get this decorative lamp to give any table or countertop a modern and chic look.

Serving Bowl Set

Bowl Set

When we are talking about decorating and styling homes, we miss the heart of every home, the kitchen. This serving bowl set will elevate the style sense of your kitchen cupboard. 

They are useful as well as eye-catching. They will surely look great on your dining table among your other beautiful cutleries.

Elegant Footstools


If your sofa set feels like it is missing something then the answer is this beautiful footstool. It Is elegant looking, and will perfectly tie up your whole living together. 

This tri-stool, aka ottoman is comfortable and elegant looking. It will bring a unique combination of style and modern aesthetics to your home.

Bathroom Set

Bathroom Set

Another important aspect of a home is your bathroom. Apart from being beautiful, you need something that serves its purpose. That is why, this bathroom set is perfect for every bathroom.

Organise bathroom accessories in style with this beautiful and affordable bathroom set. It has an elegant looking soap dispenser and two holders, one for toothbrushes and other for personal care accessories. It has all three things, affordability, style, and usability. 

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