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The initial purpose of the clothes hanger was to enable individuals to conveniently access their clothing and designate a location in their homes for storing it. Additionally, it has been used to keep clothing wrinkle-free or dry. The first is a simple wire loop, most frequently made of steel, that is flat and triangular and continues on a hook at the top. A wooden hanger is made of a flat piece of wood that has been sawed into the shape of a boomerang, is sanded to avoid wear and tear and typically extends from the point of a metal hook.

Hangers are ideal if consumers want to prevent shrinkage in their clothing. The hangers can hold various items depending on their purpose in lavatories, bathrooms, offices, and other public spaces. Hangers are essential to daily life. We at Market99 have a wide range of hangers, from belts to clothes. You can organise your wardrobe efficiently using these products. Here's a list of hangers we have, but that's not all. Check out our website and store for more options.

  • Non-slip velvet hangers- Purchase these powerful and durable hangers to prevent your expensive clothing from slipping off. With their one-of-a-kind and graceful design, these fashionable hangers go wonderfully with the wardrobe's even more fashionable garments. These clothes hangers are space-saving. The thin shape makes them ideal for wardrobes of all sizes. Each hanger has a 360-degree swivel hook for convenience and quick access. These hangers are dependable and trustworthy due to their sturdy plastic structure.
  • Transparent plastic hangers- These stylish and reliable transparent clothes hangers are perfect for organising any closet, wardrobe, or almirah. Each hanger is made of high-quality plastic, which is why they are durable and trustworthy. These hangers are true space savers with their slim and sturdy design. These simple and plain hangers are easy to store and look good with almost every interior. 
  • Multifunction screw hangers- Durability meets style with this amazing multifunctional screw hanger. A wonderful accessory for organising and sorting. It has been created with excellent quality materials. It is very easy to use and can help in storing multiple items. Its versatile design makes it unique. 
  • Metal and wood belt hanger- Everybody who frequently misplaces their belts, ties, and accessories should own this hanger. This hanger is dependable and long-lasting because it is made of premium wood and steel. Experts designed this hanger to be space-saving, stylish, and elegant. Organise belts, ties and purses in style with the help of this durable and elegant-looking hanger. It provides a stylish and fun approach to the excruciating work of organising the closet.
  • Plastic hanger with 12 clips- Premium cloth hangers with pegs made with the finest quality plastic, classy design, and suitable for hanging sarees, coats, pants, gowns, towels, shirts, kurtas, skirts, lehengas etc. Each hanger is highly durable and sturdy, designed to hold even the heaviest dresses. They are specially designed to prevent clothes from falling down. This cloth hanger is suitable for drying or organising clothes. It has 12 clips that provide a stable and secure hold to clothes.
  • Wood and metal Tie Hanger- If you find it difficult to store ties, belts or other accessories, get this hanger to store them all efficiently. Organise ties, belts, and other similar accessories with the help of this stylish and elegant-looking hanger. This tie hanger is durable and trustworthy and made with premium quality wood and mild steel.
  • Scarf hanger- Use this lovely scarf hanger to arrange your belts, scarves, and other accessories. Use this lovely scarf and accessory hanger to organise all kinds of accessories. It is dependable and long-lasting since it is made of high-quality mild steel and PVC. It contains six compartments for organising numerous and various accessory types.
  • Wooden hanger- Declutter wardrobe with a touch of style and elegance. This VON CASA wood hanger is beautiful and amazing in so many ways. It brings functionality and elegance to any wardrobe with its excellent design. It is crafted with premium quality wood making it sturdy and reliable.
  • Plastic cloth hanger with pegs- Store or organise any piece of fabric with style and elegance and make sure that they are always safe and secure without any wrinkles. Cloth hanger with 30 pegs to organise, sort, and store clothes. It is an ideal clothes hanger for drying clothes on a rainy day or just for elegantly organising. This cloth hanger is suitable for drying or organising clothes. It has 30 pegs that provide a stable and secure hold to clothes.

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