From ₹99 To ₹999, Now Shop Online By Prices At Market99

From ₹99 To ₹999, Now Shop Online By Prices At Market99 - MARKET 99

With each passing day, Market99 has been proving itself as the best online shopping platform for budget shopping. Now, Market99 has taken online budget shopping to a new level, with its latest shop by price category. 

It has introduced not one or two but six affordable price categories. Each category includes amazing products at great discounts. From kitchen to home décor, there is everything you can buy through these amazing prices categories. Let's dig deep into this latest offering by everyone’s favourite online store 

Under ₹99

Under Rupees 99

The first category is the most affordable one. The Under ₹99 category is all about big savings and day to day use products. From stationery to kitchen tools, you can buy almost anything just under ₹99.

This list is getting bigger with each passing day. New products are being added. So, you can find something under just ₹99. 

Under ₹199

The next category is not a huge jump from the previous one. Just like its predecessor, the Under ₹199 category is all about bringing customers the best of Market99 at the most affordable price. 

It is an amazing collection of all sorts of things. It includes amazing products like decorative pebbles, artificial plants, coffee mugs, toys, and many other great products. 

Under ₹299

Under Rs 299

Now shop for the best home décor and kitchen products at just the price of a pizza. Market99’s Under ₹299 category has amazing products for you at the most affordable price. You can choose from all sorts of categories to find the most amazing products at the most affordable prices. 

This category features best selling products as well as some amazing new and exclusive products. So customers can choose from the best rated and latest designs. 

Under ₹399

Under Rupees 299

This Under 99 category is the mid-budget category, which offers all sorts of amazing products and deals. This amazing category is perfect for shopaholics who are facing the month-end crunch. 

Take the best shopping experience with the collection of the most amazing products. Market99 is leaving no stones unturned in terms of providing its customers with the best shopping experience. 

Under ₹599

Under Inr 599

Another category is filled with premium quality products at the most affordable prices. The Under ₹599 pricing category has products from every category. From gift & décor to the kitchen, this category features the most amazing products at the most affordable prices. 

Some of the amazing products are antique wall clocks, dinner sets, lanterns etc. It is one of the most sought after categories, all thanks to the amazing premium quality product it has, apart from the super affordable price range. 

Under ₹999

Under Rupee 999

This final category includes the highest price range products, which is actually just ₹999. Yes, you heard it right, the category with the highest price range has products under only ₹999.

This one features some really premium products and huge discounts. This one has been a very popular category. All because of those super amazing products that you can find under this amazing category.


Every week Market99 is adding more products to these categories. It is introduced with the intention of offering customers the best shopping experience. 


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