9 Amazing Products For Your Living Room That You Can Get Just Under ₹999

Decorating your living room is a troublesome task, especially when you are not a professional decorator. It requires knowledge of colour combinations and a unique sense of style. Well, if you are planning to decorate your living room, you don’t have to worry about anything because we have got you covered.

We have created an ultimate list of home décor items that will surely elevate the style sense of your living room. Here are nine amazing products for your living room that you can get for just under ₹999.

Contemporary Style Vase

Starting this amazing list with an amazing décor piece. This beautifully crafted contemporary style vase will look great with any arrangement or without one. It has a modish design which makes it an ideal choice for your living room. 

This contemporary style vase will perfectly complement traditional as well as modern style home décor. Decorate with potpourri or flowers arrangements of your choice for a completely mesmerizing look. 

Ceramic Table Lamp

This amazing ceramic table lamp is on this list for a reason. Apart from its affordable price, its beautiful design makes it a perfect choice for the decoration of any living room. It is crafted by expert manufacturers who didn’t leave any stones unturned while making this beautiful piece of home décor. 

Antique Lantern with Lights

Just like the rest of us, if you are too in love with antique aesthetics, then this beautiful lantern is a must for you. It has everything that a perfect decor piece should have, usability and style. It is battery operated, so it saves you from any mess of candles and tangled wires, as well. 

LED Table Décor

Up your interior designing game with something unique yet classy. Something like this beautiful table décor. It has an eye-catching design, and the bulbs make it more charming as well. It is perfect for decorating any table, shelved, or countertops. 

Wall Sconce Candle Holder

The living room needs to be brighter, as you spend most of your precious time there. Well, this beautiful wall sconce candle holder will make your living room not just brighter but more beautiful as well.

T-light Holder

This charming T-light holder is perfect for decorating any corner of your living room. It has an illustrious design that will elevate the style sense of your living room. It will surely bring more brightness and more style to any corner. 

Wall Plaque

Empty walls are a home décor disaster. Make sure you decorate them the way you want. Hang this beautiful wall plaque to perfectly tie up the whole room. Made with excellent quality materials, this wall plaque is a sure thing of beauty. 

Handmade Oil Painting

Add some artistic touch to your living room with this amazing handmade oil painting. This colourful painting will look great on any wall of your beautiful living room. It is specially handmade by professional painters. That is why it is unique and beautiful. 

Wall Clock with Silent Movements

Ending the list with this charming antique wall clock that has some amazing features. Apart from its beautiful design, it also has a silent timekeeping mechanism, which promises quiet and smooth functioning. 


You can get any of these amazing products for just under ₹999. Each one of them is handpicked and selected due to their excellent quality and uniqueness.

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