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The forgotten party and how Market 99 turned it into a blast!


I reached home all worried and almost ready to yell my lungs out. I forgot about the Christmas and new year party for which I have already invited everyone from my office as well as my personal circle and my home was not ready to host humans.

I reached home to a stinky smell, probably from the lack of any aroma candles or freshners. For food all that I could serve to my guests was stale bread and a bottle of Ketchup.

I had absolutely no one else to blame other than myself since I was the one who has been procrastinating and delaying all the work, but this was no time to cry over spilled milk, and with only five hours left till the guests start pouring in, I had to start making amends.

But who Is going to help me all this, I cannot afford to spend a fortune on Party items and other supplies since I have a very strict budget. I needed a one stop solution where I can fulfil all my requirements for a very reasonable price.  For instance I bought this Vanilla candle for only Rs 149 and a Reed diffuser (Lavender) for Rs 199 to make sure my guest do not have to bear the stinky smell in my room. I though It would be a great Idea to get some camera props at just Rs79, along with some party sunglasses or again Rs. 79 only. I was Amazed at the prices, and very happy by thinking about all the memorable pictures that I was going to click along with my buddies.

Next on my list was some serve ware for food and drinks. I didn’t wanted to go through the hassle of doing dishes after being exhausted by the party and thats when I stumbled upon these 10 Pc. Plate set for Rs 79 along with this 10 Pc Glass set for just Rs 39!

This party was also special because I had invited by boss for it and I wanted to make my home to make a good first impression on him. That is why I bought this beautiful Flower with pot for Rs 249.

The Next dilemma that I faced was what to serve my guests when they come. I knew they all would want to keep it light at the beginning and I wished if Market 99 had some smacking options and guess what, They DO! I rushed to the snack section and filled my cart with everything I can put my hands on, for instance I bought several packet of this Pringles jalapeño flavoured chips for Rs 275, they are great for snacking and is equally loved by everyone. For the drinks I chose to go with this Mojito drink for Rs 35 and my personal favourite the Paperboat Jaljeera for Rs 30.

I though it will be a great idea to add some fun element to the party for which I relied on some Sour Punk Cola candy for Rs 25 and Dukes masala nibbles for Rs 49.

I also pay a lot of attention as to my guest’s convineance and hence I though it will be a great Idea to buy a few hand towels for if things turn messy I would be ready with these affordable Daffodil hand towels for Just Rs 99 only.

While heading out of the Market 99 Store I was thrilled and thankful to the people behind Market 99 that have provided me with an affordable solution for everyday items. Need less to say that my party was a total hit.

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