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New Year New Vigour


So, New Year is here and New Year is about new resolutions, new you and for some, New Year is about a new house. And to make your house a home, Market99 has some impactful home tips for you

Repair broken things: Don’t throw away broken things, find a way to repair them. Repairing things gives a feeling like never before. Living in a home that requires no nittty gritty repairs is an amazing feeling altogether. So, get into this beautiful habit of repairing things and make it your New Year resolution.

Out with old, in with new: Donate the stuff that you don’t need and replace it with products that are necessary. Pick up some big black bags and collect everything that is of no use, you will absolutely be stunned to see how little you actually need and use out of that stuff and by donating all of that stuff, chances are that you might end up making someone happy by making their day. You can also bring in some new products and all you have to do prepare a list of things that you need. You can also go to your nearest Market99 store. We have an incredible collection of home décor that will make your house look class apart. Check out our Von Casa collection. From beautiful wall clocks for Rs. 299, flower vases for 259, lanterns for Rs. 259, flower pots for 249 to wall hangings – one stop solution to all your needs.

Re-paint the walls: Repaint the walls of your home. Painting or even re-painting is one of the easy and affordable ways to transform your house. Take some bright, happy colours to paint your home. It will not only make the walls look brighter but they will also appear larger and beautiful. But before choosing any colour, do a proper research so that there is no room for regret later. And once you are done with painting your walls, check the vintage wall clocks for Rs. 299 from our Von Casa collection and decorate it on your beautiful freshly painted wall.

Re-arrange your furniture: Re-arrange your furniture, make more space and allow more light. Sometimes change is good and changing your furniture also allows you to do away with the dust that might have been there clinging since a very long time without you having an idea about it. How about trying our Microfiber duster for Rs. 109 which is not only easy to use but is also effective in cleaning the dust that has been resting on your furniture?

Clean floors, walls and curtains: Clean and dust the walls, floors and couches in your house. You will feel good about it and thank yourself later for doing so. It not only makes your space look clean but also makes you get rid of the stuff you don’t need or is unused. Check out our collection of home utilities which also includes wiper for Rs. 69, dust pan with brush for Rs. 79, shaggy microfiber duster for Rs. 229. Now wipe away that dust with these products and get used to seeing cleanliness all around your home.

Create, re-create: Yes! You got it right, DIY. Take help from internet, create lamps, flowers or make some new furniture from old tables and suitcases. Or you can rely on Market99 India and buy beautiful new lamps starting from Rs. 99 and flower pots in affordable prices.

Wallpaper: Wallpapers have been trending since a very long time now. You can pick any design or pattern and you don’t have to be worried about it being permanent. You can remove it whenever you want and maybe paint your wall or use a new wall paper after that. And don’t forget to decorate your home walls with our affordable yet beautiful products.

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