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Interior Design Rules to Break this Summer

Summer time! The season to be a bit more carefree, to take risks; and what better place to start than your personal home?Gone are the days where you had to follow design rules to make your home be style worthy. Beautiful things happen when you step outside of the box, when you bend or even break the rules from time to time.So don’t be afraid to challenge the interior design rule book and add a splash of bold and fun this summer as suggested by Market99. Here are some rules to ignore and tips to consider as well.

Don’t mix patterns

Why not? Polka dots and chevron. Paisley and stripes. If done right, mixing patterns is the perfect bold accent in any space! The trick to mastering this broken interior design rule is staying in the same colour family and changing the scale between the different patterns. Mixing patterns shows your sense of style and personality in a space

Keep knick-knacks to a minimum

The famous saying is that less is more. But when it comes to your home, don’t be afraid to do the opposite! Showcase your favourite objects and items and be proud. It is all about the right placement to add something special to your home. Need help with the right arrangement and products? Visit Market99 store near you and check out our amazing summer based collection from Von Casa and Donati

Strive for perfect symmetry

We aren’t going to lie; sometimes perfect symmetry is gorgeous! It’s one of the golden interior design tips, after all. But sometimes it gets a little mundane and shouldn’t be a mandatory interior design rule to follow! When it comes to furniture placement it is all about balance. Got a lamp from exclusive Von Casa Collection at market99? On the opposite side use a plant that you can buy from market99 of the same height to ditch the perfect symmetry look and add interest!

Have a matching dining room set

Mixing different style pieces in your dining room brings personality and diversity to the table. It turns an average dining room into a fun, festive space that can be a great conversation starter. Check out our amazing range at market99 store near you.

Don’t mix old and new

Nobody ever wants a boring space; especially in the warm and active season of summer! When you mix the old and the new it gives your space a story and vitality. Staying in the same style takes away from the personality of a room. By breaking this interior design rule, it makes a space feel lived in and comfortable, which is something we all strive for in our homes!

Every room needs a pop of colour

We are so quick to throw an accent colour in a room that is a neutral palette. Many times leaving it as it is the better answer! Crisp, clean and soothing, a neutral space is just as much of a statement as a room with bright colours. Neutral doesn’t automatically mean tan and beige! Buttery creams and breath taking greys are all heavily influenced in this colour palette.

Afraid to be a design rebel on your own? Let Market99 help you design your space this summers.

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