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How to feel richer at the end of the month

A scenic Sunday afternoon, my partner and I are sitting on the dining table, enjoying our sumptuous Sunday brunch. But, something is off, I can feel it in my veins, there’s a certain tension in the air that’s so dense that even a knife might not suffice to cut it. I’ve goofed up somehow, I know it. Now growing up in a household like mine, the concept of guilt is deeply ingrained into my system. So I try to remember everything that was meaningful to our relationship. “Is it her birthday? Nope, I remember feeling a significantly lighter wallet last month for the same reason. Is it the day we first met? I doubt it, since she’d taken us out for dinner to an amazing restaurant a couple of months back, Did I leave the bathroom floor wet? Nope, I had remembered to carefully wipe the floor with the nifty floor wiper from Market99, the same one that I’d gotten a year back, right before we had met. ” Yep, strange way to keep track of important events in one’s life, I know. Alas, the answer evaded me. I did not know why I had been at the receiving end of a treatment so frosty, I was almost tempted to brew myself a warm cup of joe in the brown coffee mug I’d gotten from Market99 for a steal. So, I did the next best thing that I could do: drop by to a Market99 store next to my house and buy my way out of this predicament.


The store was like the Room of Requirement from the now fabled Harry Potter series, where everything and anything you required was made available by sheer force of magic. Similarly, I looked around and found things that I didn’t even know I wanted. A swanky scarf for Rs. 199, an adorable smiley cushion for Rs. 179, a beautiful tea pot for our midday tea sessions for Rs. 349. I was faced with numerous existential questions, “How do they manage to make this light stand so elegant yet, affordable. Or, how they managed to price theReed lavender diffuser so cheap. Or what if the first person who said that ‘the customer is always right’ was probably a customer, and was wrong.”For a moment, I was so lost in this shopaholic wonderland that I forgot it was the end of the month and I was broke. It’s a feeling that’s well documented amongst the extremely tiny subset that is the 18-100 yr old segment of our population. It’s that ever so relatable feeling of “It’s the end of the month and I’m gonna have to survive on air till my salary is credited.”  What does one do for their own mental wellbeing, to extract that last surviving rush of serotonin?  Isn’t it weird that for creatures who are supposedly way up high on the food chain, all it takes for us to succumb to our primal selves, our Id, is a near empty bank balance. Anyway, it’s a good thing that I was at Market99 and no place else to get my weekly fix of retail therapy.

Sour Punk - Cola market99

I managed to snag everything I laid my eyes on, with some change to spare for the tempting pack of Jalapeno Pringles right next to the cash counter, to take home for the lovely lady. The ride back home was nerve wrecking, I was hoping that she’d successfully accept the bribe so that we could carry on with the picturesque Sunday afternoon we were having. It was the moment of truth, I opened the door, placed the shopping bags on the sofa and called out her name. I waited with bated breath. Now it was the moment of truth, would she take the bait?

The Mission was a roaring success! Her shopaholic tendencies had overcome her annoyance towards whatsoever it was that I’d done! She ran in and found these shopping bags in our living room, her eyes had only shone like that twice before ever since the time we’ve been together: The first was the time when I’d asked her to be my partner and the second was when I had baked her my specialty, the delicious apple crumble pie. I never thought I’d live to see a hattrick of the same being completed, but there I was, a happier man, a richer man, and all thanks to my friendly neighborhood Market99!

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