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Enliven your living space with Market99

First impressions do go a long way and this fact goes with every situation, even when it comes to your home. A living room is the heart of every home and acts as a cosmos of your residence. Since the living room is the first place in your home where you make your guests walk in, your taste in decorating your home gets judged by just looking at this space. Therefore, embellishing and maintaining the decor of this space becomes necessary. You can get a hang of decorative stuff at Market99 that will help you not only pep up your living space but your entire home.


So, if you feel Its time you revamp your home Décor and make your living space lively and vibrant, Market99 is here for you! Brighten up the walls of your home with our colourful follower bouquets worth Rs179, add a pretty set of wall paintings for Rs. 229, beautify your living room with the lovely flower pots for Rs. 249, add an Egyptian style sand timer in your dining room worth Rs. 259, bring in antique vasesfor Rs. 499, display your favourite memories in our photo frames, or add sweet fragrance candles for Rs. 299 to your living space and turn your home into a brighter space to live in.


Also, we have mapped out five simple ways for you to beautify your home:

Clean your home: This is the fundamental and the easiest way to beautify your home. And you must remember it is free of cost. Moreover, while cleaning your home, make a fun activity in your family that will make cleaning the house less burdensome and more fun.

Declutter:It’s a liberating feeling to declutter your home. There are many things which just lie around your home without you ever using it. So, get into the mood of giving away things which you have not been using for some time. Like you feel lighter with the loss of weight, your house will feel the same.

Fresh Paint:Nothing peps up a room like a fresh coat of paint. A fresh coat of paint will add brightness to your décor. Even if you can’t paint the entire house, paint a wall in your living room or kitchen and see the difference. That’s an easy way to add some drama to your décor.

Fix it: Fix a broken wall, a drippy faucet or maybe a broken shower/ door knob? You will feel good about it

Touch of greenery:Having plants around your home gives a sense of life and vibrancy. No matter where you are living, house or an apartment, turn it into a green zone and see how lovely your home looks.

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