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Italy has the biggest and the most influential fashion industry that has been continuously evolving with the changing taste of worldwide audiences. It is impossible for anyone not to come across brands that are originated, inspired or motivated from Italy, as it is truly the fashion hub of the world. From high-end labels to stylised outfits and accessories.

Today it has gone past the Italian Culture itself and made fashion an Industry of the world. Italian designs have always been the talk of the town whether it is Paris, Shanghai, London or New York.

Donati now in India is doing the same. It is here to create and build an identity for its customer. It is time that Donati – as a brand fulfills the customer’s style needs with remarkably amazing and affordable prices for the quality of the product. It is time to find superior quality at a fraction of the cost.

Branded by Marcelo Donati, an Italian inspired name, and brand, Donati is motivated to give its customers products of style and true grace. Only premium goods can define what Donati in India stands for. High fashion yet an affordable luxury brand, Donati, has been a key element in taking Italian designs in India to the next level.

Prices ranging from Rs 299- 499. Quality defining leather goods such as wallets, belts, and keychains & a class describing the range of products, such as scarves, t-shirts, shirts, leggings, socks, footwear and a lot more.

Be it for women or men, Donati serves the customers with what they are looking for. Donati means “present” and that’s where the inspiration is from. It is present in the fashion of the 21st century. Also a great idea from gifting or a “present” for someone with premium and exceptional taste.

It is hard to go wrong when you have a Donati badge attached to your personality. It uplifts the character of a person and gives you confidence in being what you are. A Donati fashion collection can be found every season for its customer whether it be summers or winters, snowing in parts of India, or with the heatwave in other parts.

Donati does not fail in fulfilling the purpose for its customer to afford a luxury fashion brand and feel exceptionally styled. Donati is exclusively launched with Market99 in India because it serves the purpose to style its Indian Customer the right way without being heavy on the pocket.

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