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Diwali gifts, a bummer or bliss!

Is it that time of the year? Lights, festivities and celebrations all around. Yes, because Diwali is just around the corner and your to-do list is huge Diwali cleaning, decoration, sweets, party and have you forgotten about the most important thing…gifts! Have kept it for the last minute or still unsure about what to buy? Shuffling and strolling through the arrays of things is a crazy thing for sure and the price is a real pinch in the pocket. Now on second thought, you are thinking to settle for what you have given last year…easy-peasy!

Wait! Take a rewind and try to remember the reactions you had when you received those boring stale gifts, sad right!

Well, what we are asking you is to relax because we have you sorted. This year we promise that you will be the star of the celebration because your gift ideas are on us! Just drop by on any market99 store and choose the choicest gifts for your loved ones. We assure you everyone will love it. And the best part is your pocket will say thank you.

Say goodbye to that ugly looking showpiece and instead gift a beautiful Decorative Boat for Rs. 199 or a Decorative Cycle Rs.169. This is something people will love and remember that you are a person with taste and prices arealso pocket friendly. Gifting flowers and plants are always in vogue but change the way you gift. How about giving a decorative bottle with flowers which is just for Rs.199 or a little flowerpot of Lily for just Rs. 199 again! Isn’t it wow!

Many a times a small yet very significant gift can make a lot of difference because it’s the little things that matter. Maybe a simple heart wall hanging or a small lantern or a wired word written love which is beautiful, classy and costs around Rs. 179, Rs. 269 and Rs. 249 only can be a class apart gift. At Market 99, keeping everything in mind, we have settled for the gifts section very carefully.  Hence stay assured, whatever you buy as a gift from Market 99 store everyone will adore it.

Be a little unique this Diwali and get some unique gifts for your loved ones from anyMarket 99store near you. This Diwali you will start a new gifting revolution and to support you Market 99 is here and we have always been here! Have a beautiful, colourful and unique Diwali!

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